Many times in the “Grant Theft Auto” series, you just find yourself saying, “What? “Wow! What just transpired? We’ll discuss a few of those now. Seven mind-blowing moments from “Grant Theft Auto” (GTA) games are featured today on Gametoon4u.

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7. it’s the fly to Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Sometimes all it takes is four little words To blow people’s minds. This moment comes from the mission of Saint Mark’s Bistro.

In it, Salvatore Leone asked Carl to take out his rival, Marco Forelli. Looking back to playing the game back in the day, I’m not sure what I expected, but I know that I didn’t expect what actually happened.

You literally drive to the airport, get on a plane, and that’s when your next objective pops up, “Fly to Liberty City.” They held each other tight As they drove on through the night  It is a crazy message to get in an open-world game because you never go to another place in these things.

You got a map, and that’s it. That’s how an open-world game works, right? But now the game gets you into a jet and gets you flying. So you just start flying and flying and flying until you are off the map.

And then the game transitions to an entirely new environment. It’s outside Saint Mark’s Bistro from “Grand Theft Auto III,” but it’s all covered in snow. From here, you get into a

shootout inside the restaurant And eventually take out Forelli.

And when it’s all over, you’re back in the plane and you manually fly back to Las Venturas. Open-world games just didn’t do stuff like this back then.

In fact, not a lot of them do it now. “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” kind of comes to mind, but it’s not even kind of the same thing because while it transports you to different environments, it doesn’t transport you to a different environment in the game’s world that you’ve already been to and have a certain nostalgia for. And wow, it was mind-blowing.

6. Michelle is a government agent, from Grant Theft Auto IV.

Michelle is a government agent, from Grant Theft Auto IV
Michelle is a government agent, from Grant Theft Auto IV

The first girlfriend you get in “GTA IV” is Michelle, who comes off as pretty normal. She comes on a little strong when you first meet but I’ve had that happen.

Sincerely, I believe that everyone has experienced someone who started off a little strong. The majority of people don’t actually give it much thought. She does exhibit some questionable behavior, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

If you’re anything like me, her revelation during the quest of The Snowstorm came as a rude awakening. The government organization that works for the United Liberty Paper office is Bernard, and she is actually keeping an eye out for you.

That’s why she seems so curious about what you’re doing and who you’re talking to. It wasn’t just nosy girlfriend behavior, it was that she was a spy who was spying on you and keeping track of what you were doing.

For whatever reason, it’s never made explicitly clear But that’s kind of what makes the whole thing so surprising.

Once she reveals she’s been sent to watch you, she’s pretty much never seen again, leaving players to kinda wonder what the hell just happened.

Mission accomplished, in my opinion—she vanished—but there may be further meanings to be drawn from this. She might, for instance, feel guilty.

Who knows? It does feel like a bit of a thread they could have tied up later, but to be fair, a lot does

happen in “Grand Theft Auto IV,” so I don’t blame them for just kind of being like, “Yeah, it’s a government agent who tricks you.

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5. The treachery of Lance in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

Lance's betrayal from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
The treachery of Lance in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

“GTA” games are always full of betrayals, of course, but some are a little more shocking than others.

This one’s definitely surprising. Lance seems like your best pal for most of the game but in the last mission, called, Keep Your Friends Close, he betrays Tommy outta nowhere and you’re forced to kill him.

Rockstar does sow the seeds of suspicion about Lance’s potential betrayal throughout the game, but it’s simple to overlook how resentful he gradually turns out to be after his initial introduction.

The prequel, “Vice City Stories,” also elaborates on his character a lot more to show you that while he seems like a smooth criminal in “Vice City,” he’s actually kind of a screw-up.

Rockstar does sow the seeds of suspicion about Lance’s potential betrayal throughout the game, but it’s simple to overlook how resentful he gradually turns out to be after his initial introduction.

It also shows that Tommy reacts with frustration, and people don’t love that, especially if they’re starting to feel entitled, and somebody, chides them for something. They’re like, “Who are you? “Who are you to tell me that?” For a lot of players,

The moment kind of seems like it comes out of nowhere, but it’s one of a few hints that Lance betrays you, it’s just hard to notice the first time through.

4. The jet pack from “Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas”

The jet pack from "Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas"
The jet pack from “Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas”

I don’t think anyone imagined that when we first started playing “San Andreas,” we’d be breaking into an analog of Area 51. Over the course of its length, the game gradually speeds up, and its desert missions begin as a very somber criminal drama.

Where the game just completely loses its way If not for the mind-blowing finale, the Black Project mission certainly wouldn’t be enough to list on its own.

The point of the mission is that you’re sneaking into Area 51 to steal a secret government project. You just don’t know what it is, you just know The Truth wants it.

So I, like a lot of people, assumed it was gonna be some random object or like a weapon or, you know, like a material, just something you had to walk out of and get away with.

Was not expecting a full-blown jet pack. Was not expecting to escape through a silo. Playing the game the first time, the whole thing is just insane.

The jet pack is being taken by the intruder! Fire at will with all military personnel outside! – Since you genuinely believe that you have seen everything at this point.

I mean, the game is absolutely stuffed with cars, boats, planes, and everything in between, and you’re kind of thinking, “Well, you know, ‘Saints Row’ carved out “a certain amount of territory for itself, “and they’re not gonna take beyond their normal stuff.

On top of everything else, you receive a jet pack, which is insane. For those of us who played the game when it originally released, it was just one crazy, great moment in a game that was literally packed with crazy, amazing moments. If you already know to expect the jet pack, its impact may be slightly reduced, though.

3. Museum Piece from “Grand Theft Auto IV”

Museum Piece from "Grand Theft Auto IV"
Museum Piece from “Grand Theft Auto IV”

One of those missions that are more mind-blowing in hindsight, because while it’s good in “GTA IV,” its significance doesn’t come into focus until much later.

It’s an important mission in the story of “GTA IV” because this is the one where Niko and Johnny attempt to sell some diamonds, but the whole thing goes sideways after a third character blows the deal At the time, seems like just another thing that happens in the game.

The fact that you receive the Impossible Trinity accomplishment for completing it is the only indication that there is anything special.

For a lot of players, the achievement’s their first clue that the world of “GTA IV” is actually a lot bigger than we think At the time, Rockstar hadn’t announced the stories from Liberty City stuff, so it seemed like the third guy who attacked the meet was just a weird non sequitur that wouldn’t pay off.

Rockstar was playing the long game though. The guy who attacked the meeting was Luis, the player character from “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” while Johnny was the main guy

You play as “The Lost and Damned” in. Before you even knew who they were, Rockstar had already

Both protagonists are absent from the game’s DLC. And sure enough, when you play the DLC, you get to experience the same things happening from the viewpoint of that character.

It’s the kind of multi-character storytelling they’d go on to expand in “Gand Theft Auto V,” but what was so mind-blowing was just how unexpected and deeply integrated the DLC characters were into the story of the game, Well before anybody had any idea who these guys were, especially Luis.

2. The diamonds in the opening cut scene of “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

 The diamonds in the opening cut scene of "Grand Theft Auto IV."
The diamonds in the opening cut scene of “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

How the diamond plot is woven throughout the entire narrative of “Grand Theft Auto IV” is one of the game’s more astounding features.

Niko doesn’t actually do anything related to the diamonds until the mission Taking in the Trash, where Niko collects diamonds hidden in the trash cans.

That’s where it technically starts in “GTA IV.” But there was actually a whole story involving these things Going on in Liberty City Stories DLC.

The diamonds were initially purchased during “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” and they were disposed of in the garbage cans during the “Lost and Damned” task Diamonds in the Rough. The diamond plot essentially becomes a long shaggy dog tale.

Everyone who tries to acquire them perishes. At the very end of the game, a hobo on the street eventually finds them. But there was one tiny, astounding detail that, until lately, I never really paid attention to.

For a brief moment in the game’s initial cut sequence, you can see the cook on the ship where the game begins concealing a diamond in cake batter. In other words, it comes full circle and was always intended to be the main plot of “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

The diamonds may be found in both the opening cut sequence of “Grand Theft Auto IV” and the chronologically last objective of the game, “Gay Tony,” respectively.

It’s an incredible example of attention to detail that spans what are actually several games. It’s a small touch that’s simple to miss, yet it connects the stories of “GTA IV” as a whole.

1. Smoke and Ryder’s betrayal from “San Andreas”

Smoke and Ryder's betrayal from "San Andreas"
Smoke and Ryder’s betrayal from “San Andreas”

This is the biggest betrayal in the entire “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. The entire Green Sabre mission is, in general, quite astounding, but it begins with you feeling like everything is going according to plan.

Families from Grove Street are collaborating once more. Sweet is friendly with you and has plans to confront the Ballas gang. You might be approaching the conclusion of the story at this time if this were a shorter game with less content. Everything is going smoothly. You’re ruling now. This was an amazing narrative with just a massive effect, so it’s a good thing Rockstar chose to convey a more complicated story.

The objective has just entirely changed as you’re heading to the rendezvous place beneath the Mulholland Intersection. Caesar calls you and tells you that Big Smoke and Ryder have been meeting with Tenpenny covertly.

The Green Sabre Pulaski drives—the same vehicle used by the individuals who killed Carl’s mother—gives the mission its name.

Sweet’s meeting turns out to be an ambush, and after both brothers are arrested, Smoke and Ryder become the new rulers of Los Santos. It is a rather stunning revelation, especially with Big Smoke, who has been acting as your friend throughout.

He seems to have pretty much set up his treachery, in my opinion. His dissatisfaction with his lot life and desire for more are quite clearly stated. The fact that he is the only one of the primary four to not really reside on Grove Street is also a red flag.

Smoke’s betrayal’s connection to his infamous fast food order may be the thing that astounded people the most.

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