We’ll discuss 10 of the most despised video game characters today. There are many likable or relatable villains out there, but these people aren’t usually the ones in truly amazing stories. They either go too far or are merely abhorrent.

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10. Micah from “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Rockstar is a master at creating characters that you can both love and despise. Big Smoke’s Officer Tenpenny is a very terrible character, but they manage to be oddly likable in some aspects.

They do not include Micah. He is nothing more than a sad little snake that spends the entire game being antagonistic to Arthur Morgan. He’s a liar. He acts violently and rudely at random, almost in a comical way. He’s just a generally repulsive character who serves as more of a nuisance than a significant threat for the majority of the game. He is the ugliest, grossest cowboy evil guy ever.

As the game continues, Dutch, the gang’s leader, starts to spiral out of control. Arthur tries to save him, but Micah just keeps feeding Dutch’s paranoid illusions, despite the fact that he was ultimately the one who reported the group to the police in the first place.

Now, when you do manage to slay this cowardly two-faced man It’s one of the most satisfying moments in the game when it’s over. It was nonetheless good even though it came at the beginning of John Marston’s demise.

9. Volgin

The majority of “metal gear solid” antagonists have a type of benevolent hidden agenda. In addition to a number of other concerns, Liquid Snake wished to assist the Genome Soldiers.

Solidus desired to liberate the planet from Patriot rule. Volgin, however, is a man without such goals. Although he did desire to elevate the status of the Soviet Union in the world, his true nature is that of a cruel, sadistic lunatic who truly enjoys the agony of others.

The Boss, of course, if you’ve played the game, assumes the position of the sympathetic antagonist in this scenario. The conclusion only makes her objectives more apparent, while Volgin is left in the dark. He comes across as a neurotic jerk.

He beats a man to death by beating and kicking the character Granin in a drum can, tortures Eva for his own amusement, and beats Snake to within an inch of his life in one of the most horrifying scenes in the entire series.

He then commands the Boss to amputate Snake’s eye, setting off a suspenseful torture scenario that ends with Snake being hit in the eye by a stray bullet. (Fires gun) Hideo Kojima, the developer of the series, enjoys subjecting his characters to extreme hardship, but no one suffers as much as Naked Snake, primarily at the hands of Volgin. This rude person, this totally Hated character in the series.

8. Sephiroth

There are many who adore Sephiroth, and there are many who despise him. He’s actually a fairly cool villain, especially considering how popular being a gloomy lunatic in a leather jacket was in the 1990s.

Now, he’s merely an enigmatic and menacing presence throughout most of the game, but not particularly dislikeable.

They nearly seem like more despised villains than usual. both in this game and throughout Final Fantasy. But you already know how this will end.

One of the key party members and a favorite of the audience is Aerith. She has a cheery disposition and a vivacious personality that make her an endearing character, thus the terrible moment when Sephiroth kills her out of the blue is undoubtedly one of the most shocking scenes in any video game ever.

If she came back or if you managed to resurrect her in some way, it wouldn’t be such a big issue, but alas, there is nothing you can do.

You were practically screwed if she was one of your mains, such as your main party member. She is no longer here. She needs to be replaced.

RPGs seldom, if ever, actually kill off a party member, and when they do, it’s generally just for a short period of time or only in games where you can cycle your party members continuously. That wasn’t how “Final Fantasy VII” was.

Aerith was there from the beginning, and when Sephiroth murders her, she is gone forever. If you were ten years old like me and had a crush on her, it was even more devastating.

Sephiroth became a video game bad guy legend and one of the most despised villains of all time as a result of that one action.

7. Roy Earle

Consider a drastic change from the JRPG genre’s incredibly amazing bad characters to a more despicable Rockstar character. One of your main companions in “L.A. Noire” is Roy Earle. During Cole Phelps’ brief stay on the Vice desk, when he acts like a giant dick the entire time and is incredibly crooked, he is your man.

Now, by the time the game is through, you learn that he is directly involved in the entire urban redevelopment fund plot and serves as the enforcer for keeping all the participants in this scam safe.

Cole tries to reveal everything but is ultimately killed while chasing a serial murderer who is an important component of the overall scheme. Now, the game concludes in a suitably noir manner, with Roy Earle, the person who attempted to ruin Cole’s life and is essentially responsible for his death, giving a eulogy at his burial while all the dishonest authorities who wanted to bury Cole’s investigation applaud in applause.

Roy Earle now gets away with it, in contrast to Micah from “Red Dead,” who at least receives a gunshot for all his despicable acts. It doesn’t really get much more despicable than that that he gets away with it.

6. Arl Rendon Howe

There are many monsters, jerks, and lunatics in the Dragon Age games, but Arl Rendon Howe has got to be the most despised character in the whole franchise.

Arl Howe is basically the underling of Loghain, the main antagonist here, but although Loghain has a logical purpose for doing what he’s doing, Arl Howe is merely a power-hungry and dishonest coward, played with the appropriate amount of dismissive smugness by the utter freaking legend Tim Curry.

If you opt to play the Human Noble origin, you get to experience Arl Howe at his worst, acting like your father’s friend, but the instant he leaves, Arl Howe just becomes a trait.

His troops massacre your whole employees, including youngsters, as well as your family. Therefore, that alone makes him rather despised.

It takes a very, very long time before you can eventually exact revenge on this guy, but when it does, man, is it good! The fact that you cannot make it worse is the sole drawback. For some folks, simply hacking this man to death with a sword won’t suffice. – Maker spat in your face.

5.  Eric Sparrow’s

Discuss “Tony Hawk’s Underground” now. Eric Sparrow’s misdeeds are relatively minor compared to everyone else on this list, you know? At least not on purpose, he is not murdering anyone. He’s merely a rude youngster who eventually develops resentment for you and your character’s achievements.

He annoys you nonstop for the majority of the game. But when he alters the video of your most remarkable stunt to make it appear that he did it, that’s when he really transforms from a kind of annoying sidekick into a full asshole.

This one still aggravates me. Your character is the one who actually accomplished the bizarre act of jumping over a helicopter. In a certain sense, yet Eric gets all the glory because he was present. As I stated, compared to other things, it’s not that horrible, but I believe that Eric Sparrow’s relatability is what makes him so particularly detestable.

We’ve all seen kids like this at some point in our lives—you know, the perpetually misbehaving twerp who needs your help getting out of jams or the one who coaxes you into doing foolish things and then blames you when your parents find out.

Although “THUG” is far from realistic, Eric is the kind of guy we’ve all had to deal with, and that’s just what makes him extremely hateful. It’s the kind of character you don’t see too often in video games.

4. Lautrec

Now let’s discuss “Dark Souls.” As with Sephiroth, Lautrec’s actions rather than his words are what makes him so despicable in this situation. There are plenty of evil characters in the Souls games, but many of them have odd eccentricities.

But Lautrec is a terrible person. Finding him imprisoned in a jail cell raises some questions, but speaking with him makes him appear fine. He’s not any more insane in these games than anyone else, so you can trust him. But that is a grave error.

This Souls game is the nastiest of the older ones like “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls” that try to pull some crap tricks on you. There is no real difference between leaving him alone or letting him out of his jail.

In each case, he escapes. He ultimately starts hanging out at the Firelink Shrine and first appears to be just another NPC, but if you progress far enough in the game, the bonfire becomes inoperable and the entire area is pitch-black when you return.

Now that Lautrec has killed Anastacia, the Firekeeper, you are unable to access the game’s most crucial save a spot. That entire central hub is, in essence, the Firelink Shrine. It’s almost like a crucial spot in the game, and this man messed it up.

You can exact revenge and bring back the Firelink Shrine.

But since it’s such a pain, it would definitely be best to murder the offender as soon as you spot him. We despise him because he takes away the Firelink Shrine, one of the few safe havens in this game, from you.

3. Kamoshida

Let’s discuss Kamoshida, the first “Persona 5” main antagonist. He is a subject of much discussion. In all honesty, the Persona fan wiki pretty much nails it when it says, “Kamoshida is a lusty, vain, vicious, and entirely selfish bully,” so, yeah, that covers it.

He is the volleyball coach at the school and a former professional athlete, which is a typical tale that would make him hardly worth considering.

The fact that you play as a high school kid is a problem. Anyone who participated in school athletics has likely seen someone similar to this guy, you know, occasionally a total jerk who reached their peak early and takes it out on everyone around them. But that’s only half of it.

What he does in this game is what really makes this guy hateful. He looks to form bonds with his female students. By subjecting his male trainees to harsh training regimes, he abuses them and behaves in the worst ways possible as a full-fledged predator.

Additionally, the principal defends him, and the kids are hesitant to criticize him for fear of retaliation. But it is so rewarding when you succeed in making the world aware of his crimes. Because he is so despicable, this character makes every other villain in “Persona 5” feel like a letdown in comparison.

2. Luca Blight

For this one, we’re going a little more traditional. Even though “Suikoden II” was released a few years after “Final Fantasy VII,” it still seems older. Now, this old-school RPG gets off to a great start by introducing Luca Blight, one of history’s most despicable villains. He’s a horrible person, of course, but his antics are famous.

As a setup for his invasion of a neighboring nation, he has your entire regiment slain at the beginning of the story.

We are starting at that level in this instance. Even if you were a soldier in his army, you were nonetheless massacred because this man needed a reason to conquer his neighbor. But things only get worse from there.

A few hours into the game, one of the most infamous scenes occurs when Luca invades a village and kills everyone saving for one individual, who is instructed to roll around in the dirt and oink like a pig.

Naturally, he also murders him after that. He only had to degrade him first. Ugh. Before committing his atrocities and war crimes, Kefka at least had the ability to crack a joke now and again, and pull off the whole Joker thing in “Final Fantasy VI.” This individual, though, makes no effort to be likable. He is just crazy. Let’s discuss about Ted Faro from “Horizon Zero Dawn” as the first on the list.

1. Ted Faro

The fact that Ted Faro isn’t an opponent is what makes him so distinctive. You never even get to see him as a character.

He’s just a guy whose life is totally documented through voice logs and computer terminals, but that’s really all you need to know about him to detest him.

In essence, he’s the one that technically destroyed Horizon’s universe twice instead of just once.

His company, Faro Automated Solutions, produced the lethal nano-swarm known as the Faro Plague, which wiped out all life on Earth. He is the founder of that company. You can at least accept that aspect of it as a mistake.

Even if his myopic greed had a role in the apocalypse, it was what he did next that cemented his reputation as a legendary ass.

If you haven’t played the game, it goes like this: As the epidemic spread over the planet and things started to look grim, a group of scientists developed the GAIA System, which was designed to recreate the old world utilising a big computer database, technology, and Apollo.

Then, as the world came to an end, Farrow suffered a mental breakdown. Using his special clearance, he was able to access the GAIA control system and delete the Apollo servers, effectively wiping out all of humanity’s collective knowledge in one fell swoop due to his mistaken belief that this knowledge would somehow taint the new human race.

He assumed he would rule a restored earth at this time, which was totally insane. In “Horizon Forbidden West,” you eventually learn his fate, and all I can say is that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Anyway, they are 10 video game villains who are utterly abhorrent. But because there are so many others, we want to hear about some of your choices from you in the comments section.

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