What’s up everybody we have some really exciting news. we have a huge patch 5.12 coming soon that is going to bring a number of insane changes.

So we’re gonna break all of them down so you can get the carb to speed with everything valorant.


  • Split is Back
  • Chamber Nerfs
  • Smurfs Dead
  • Night Market

It’s no surprise that Valorant has been in quite a rough time the game just feels pretty still compared to pretty much any other time in valorant history.

It could be chalked up to a number of different things perhaps not enough change is fast enough perhaps a really stagnant meta that feels the same a new character that didn’t really make an impact.

Maybe It’s directly tied to Esports the fact that franchising is around the corner and players especially now in the veteran Community are really interested in the Esports side of things.

And Without Pros actively pushing stream content and actually pushing the bounds of the meta we are not getting a lot of trickle-down content.

Things are just feeling stale whatever reason valorant has been in quite a rut and with this past Tuesday Riot skipped a patch when it Feels like we need it most.

It is a little scary because the right has a history of taking time off over the holidays so it might just be a very long time until we get something substantial.

The worries have been basically shot down and killed because we’re getting a huge huge freaking patch right around the corner patch 5.12.

Now while we don’t have the specifics of the patch we do have a ton of information.

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Map rotation

So first off we’re going to get map rotation Information and changes so we’re going to get information about what maps are going to be in rotation for the next rotation cycle what map is leaving and what map is coming back in.

AKA split is back baby and I’m excited we’re also going to get new precedent for changes I would imagine they might be mixing up the formula for how long it takes maps to rotate in and out for the foreseeable future.

I feel like this has been a little bit too long Hence the overall size of the map Pool might change they might actually tighten it up and make it so two maps are removed but assuming that only one map is removed.

I really want to pass the question off to you what map do you want to see take splits place and B actually thrust to the sideline personally for me I want Breeze gone but just my personal opinion I’m just a hater of Breeze I know some people love it.

It’s definitely hot and cold but let Me know what map you would bench and why in the comments down below.

Chamber Changes

The next thing that we also know is that chamber changes are coming we’re going to be getting big chamber changes.

He has been slated for quite some time and I don’t really know quite what they’re going to do to this character but I imagine that it’s going to remove his place as one of the best agents in the game.

He’s probably still going to be powerful but I would imagine they’re Gonna take dramatic or more dramatic changes to the character because before they kind of went in with the soft hand right and it just wasn’t enough.

A lot of people are arguing that if you don’t change something fundamental about his kit whether it’s his teleport time whether it’s his ultimate whether it’s his pistol.

The fact that he gets to take multiple duels throughout a round whatever the case may be you have to hit something fundamental about the Character.

He’s gonna always be meta, especially in the high ranks, especially in Pro play, and as we move forward towards franchising it seems like they don’t want the chamber meta to just dominate the entire way through.

So I would imagine we get substantial changes and all of that is gonna be live on the PBE this weekend so we’re going to be able to see exactly what they are.

Smurfing Updates

Now in addition to that, we’re also getting smurfing updates there are going to be some updates to smurfing we don’t really know what they are.

I would imagine there are going to be more penalties to smurfing there’s been quite a bit of controversy in the community about creators smurfing people doing a Smurf challenge whether they start a new account where they grab a low account.

They do stuff like Sheriff to this rank or they do stuff from one character to This rank Marshall only to this Rank and still for the vast majority of those games they’re just like stomping.

So I could see that Riot comes in and says this is not okay we do not allow this for the future or on the flip side.

It might be something more behind the scenes something more data driven to prevent smurfing so that you get Smurfs to find them and push them to the rank that they belong much quicker.

I do know that smurfing is one of the biggest  Community problems it’s one of the most complained about problems and when you often have big voting things I ran a vote personally on Twitter where we got quite a bit of response and the vast majority of people said hey it’s my Murphy that’s the problem we really don’t like smurfing.

So it looks like Riot is going to be taking further steps to solve this issue.

Night market

Now in addition to all this, the night market is going to be up so for those of you who Want to get those Bargain Bin skins that you don’t really want but they’re on a discount.

I’m most excited for The future is definitely the tournament mode. I’m really looking forward to that

It’s going to be a while until we see that added to the game but I think that that might add just enough spice to the game that will get a lot more hype into it I’m definitely not sure that any little changes here or there is going to bring all the hype back.

There needs to be something that really speaks to the competitive side of a lot of players looking to take the game more seriously And that tournament mode is definitely it.

So that’s what I’m most excited for but definitely let me know what you think valorant needs do you think that updates like this more often are enough do you want new agents’ new maps or do you want something completely different let me know right now in the comments.

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