These are the top 20 anime songs that went viral online. For this list, we’ll be reviewing the songs that made the Internet go crazy. If we forgot any anime songs that people were obsessed with online, let us know in the comments section.

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10. “Lost In Paradise” (JuJutsu Kaizen)

In all honesty, it would be simpler to list the things that this anime failed to do when it first aired. From the World Building to the Fight Scenes to the Unparalleled Ovary Explosion that is Satorogo, this modern Shonen was already operating at peak efficiency.

Additionally, it included a great outro by Jill Suave and featured some fierce dance skills. The internet went nuts for Lost In Paradise because it has the best feel and adds a little humour to the grim supernatural brutality that this show is known for.

9. “Libera Me From Hell” (Gurren lagan’s)

eap stale Anything created by this crew is already loaded with meme potential, especially when it involves enormous robots controlled by the strongest of men, which is essentially Gurren Lagan’s bread and butter.

Its trademark line of rap was the soundtrack, which is what really amped up fans. row fight the might of this operatic rap-metal fusion was the most peculiar of hype songs, opening with a Frankenstein of Awesomeness that welcomed limitless ridicule while still holding itself up proudly.

8. “Renai circulation” (Monogatari Series)

There is no denying the importance of this one opening music from Baki Monogatari, even though this franchise may be regarded as a cult favourite.

If there’s one thing that this series will be remembered for, it’s a ruggy brushing his sister’s teeth and this Goliath of a song. It didn’t just take off because Nautica glided across the screen with beautifully fluid animation. The sweetness of the vocals and disarmingly popping nature of the song warranted an endless parade of covers and remixes.

7. “The rumbling” (Attack on Titan)

As if the gory fight scenes, character resolves, and bombardment of twists in the monster Masterpiece’s concluding season weren’t enough.

Everyone appreciated my War, but the rumbling is a completely different experience. It also got some of the hardest Rock recordings this side of the walls. Beast the Unapologetic’s terrifying chorus and metal English lyrics hit their targets so perfectly that they not only sparked a flood of covers but also sent it to the top of the US Billboard Hard Rock charts. Wow, even though we knew anime was transcendent, we did not anticipate that.

6. “Ultra Instinct” (Dragon Ball Super)

We won’t argue that The Ultimate Battle is a great song, particularly considering that it served as the theme for some of Super’s most iconic fighters. However, when it comes to being given the moniker Helen Back, nothing compares.

One of Dragon Ball’s most menacing songs is played as Goku trades his money for silver, and along with it, this all-too-imposing track begins to rise and swell into a Herald of triumph, which, given how it plays, occurs when Goku reaches a level that even the gods are impressed. Quake, oh wait, that makes sense.

5. “Running in the 90s and Déjà vu” (Initial D)

The one anime where Eurobeat reigns supreme, we didn’t have it in us to separate these two because they serve as the inspiration for countless memes that are still being created today and have amassed hundreds of millions of listens worldwide, regardless of whether you think their unironic hits or guilty pleasures are worthy of celebration.

It’s advised not to play these songs while driving since you could be tempted to engage in risky drifting. The sheer excitement that fans feel when these songs begin to play as the absurd street racing begins is unmatched.

4. “IL Vento De Oro” (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure golden wind)

Giorno Giovanna is simply one of many people who have contributed to the existence of Jojo fever, but his original Journey Fanta with his other gangsters and general Aesthetics made him an immediate standout.

The Italian Stallion’s own theme, played on the piano with just a few notes, is his hidden weapon. While JoJo’s music has always been amazing and will continue to be, it’s quite uncommon for a character’s personal theme to completely eclipse everything else; it’s the best type of requiem.

3. Silhouettes (Naruto Shippuden)

If there’s one that hits the otaku sweet spots, it’s either Naruto and hard-hitting J-style action, which makes the number of openings this ninja has to his name criminal. When piled together, rock a retreats tend to highlight a killer for the most of their duration, as though the ultimate Uchiha would choose a low-key waste of space like chitensha instead.

2. Guren No Gumiya (Attack on Titan)

Although one may argue that the rumbling is a better tune, Attack on Titan’s initial opening has had ten years to stew in the minds of viewers since it began the Carnage.

When the show made its dramatic beginning, you know, back when Aaron was determined to saving Humanity instead of stomping all over it, the first season’s sorrow was presented in such a high-octane manner.

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1. Roundabouts (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Phantom blood)

If you want to talk about a piece of music that went directly from the anime into the public Zeitgeist, nothing compares to this closer even if it was a song before it appeared on Jojo.

The tune was utilised to create the now-iconic “to be continued” screen that stood up in the background. Given its simplicity and catchiness, the phrase that appeared at the end of every episode during the first instalment of the franchise spread like wildfire, and even Family Guy utilised it to make Brian and Stewie JoJo allusions.

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