What’s up everybody we have some really exciting news. There are going to be some very major updates in the Valorant such as chamber nerf, map rotation, and smurf players but today we will talk about map rotation. we have a new map rotation in valorant and we have some other exciting news that you would like to know in this article so let’s get started.

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Maps that are being added back and the maps that are Removed

We gotta break down more information about the maps that are being added back into the pool and the maps that are leaving the pool and everything that you need to know about the future of Valorant  competitive

There’s a lot of interesting information so we’re gonna break it all down. there were gonna be big changes to the map Pool and that split was going to be added back into the game because if there are changes it’s obvious that split gets re-added and then Something else is going to take its spot.

Now we just got full confirmation that split is for sure getting added in a big update that would be great.

Statement (Riot team)

last year when we announced the temporary removal of the split we went over our decision to maintain a 7 map pool at all times in unrated and competitive cues and a reference to an article we already did a video about it way back when but a TLDR too many maps to Learn can feel overwhelming and doesn’t give you the opportunity to really go in-depth on some of them.


  • The new map rotation is Among Us
  • it’s going to actually start in early January with patch 6.0
  • The split will return with a few changes

I figured that this was gonna happen when a map actually leaves and comes back they have a lot of time to work on that map and make a lot of diverse changes with their in-house team to test a lot of these things.

They Could make some more dramatic changes with the maps which is cool because it will feel somewhat like a new map when it comes back in not only is it just fresh because we haven’t played on it in a while but if there are more changes on top of that it could just basically be almost as good as a new map.

On top of that, they are removing two messes with the competitive pool brace yourself Breeze, and bind will exit the map Pool and competitive and unrated cues.

No Dates set for their return they’ll still be available in Spike Russian custom games and other modes.

Now some of you are going to be really really really happy about this at least for Brees I’m very happy bind I liked honestly am not losing sleep over losing it. some people love these Maps.

It’s always gonna be that way right everyone has maps that  Are higher or lower on what they feel is the best map or the worst map so no one can always be happy.

Most people are happy that split will be back at least for like the first month it’s back and then people are gonna lose their freaking Minds.


As far as why Breeze and Bind were selectively targeted as maps to remove first off they said that breeze has some room to improve in terms of agents and team composition diversity as well as some Opportunities for simplification of the space.

So we can expect pretty big map changes if they’re trying to make it so agent diversity is a big thing and that simplification of space means cutting a lot of things out and trimming things up.

I would imagine when Breeze finally comes back into the competitive queue it’s gonna be much different than what it was when it left.


Talking about BInd Map, some people like this map very much But along with that many people do not like this map.

Bind references strategic diversity because they are open to more play around the Teleporters and potentially want to rethink how teams execute and defend against executes on both sides.

I do know a lot of people that scrim consistently in like a mortal 3 Radiant level games and they all hate buying as they hate to scrim bind because it’s always the same thing you dump utility one place you teleport you dump utility there you teleport you have to rotate back And it’s just like over and over and over and over again it’s just like kind of boring that’s what they say anyway.

Maybe you do something to the teleporters where there’s like a limit to how many times it could be used or I don’t even know like I don’t know they’re gonna figure out something.

Imagine that bind is gonna shift in big ways as well and also when these two maps leave Eve keep in mind that when split gets added in the New map we don’t know that much about yet but that map will be added in as well to fill the spots that will stay at seven.

Also just keep in mind that none of these maps are gone for good. I don’t know what we click baited this title as we might have clicked fitted it as delete I don’t even know but these Maps might be gone for a while

They will come back and probably be better than they were when they left so anyways let me know how you feel about all this.

Are you excited about map pools are you not do you think seven is enough or would you rather have like 10 or something I want to hear all your opinions about this in the comments down below thank you so much for reading.

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