Today on Gametoon4u we are going to know about how the most successful pokemon gaming fails to satisfy their fan’s hope. So let’s get started with Pokemon: Gaming’s Failure.

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Pokemon scarlet violet Buggy Release

The game came out unfinished the glitches and bugs in this game are unacceptable for a property as big as Pokemon.

I remind you this is the second highest-earning franchise on the entire planet and the graphics look like when you accidentally press tile when you’re choosing a desktop background.

Some of my favorite games have bad Graphics but this is laughable for the second-highest-earning franchise in The world it’s not a stylistic choice like valheim or Minecraft the graphical issues in scarlet and violet are purely technical ones that you have to be on an amateurish level in order to fix.

like aliasing frame rate draw distance slash pop in and clipping like this is amateur stuff the performance of the game is just so bad for those who haven’t played it it’s like trying to run or punch in a dream and it just doesn’t work yeah it also happens.

For comparison here’s switch’s 2017 launch title breath of the wild compared to 2022’s scarlet and violet so it’s not an argument of switch Hardware being old and that’s why the game runs so badly because both are open World Adventures.

Games breath of the wild wasn’t perfect but it ran very well and looked stunning with the cell-shaded art style switch’s hardware could be more powerful.

People say that the Pokemon games quality has gone downhill over time especially when they made the transition into 3D so let’s get to the bottom of why Pokemon is Gaming’s most successful failure

Who makes the Pokemon Games?

For those that don’t know Nintendo makes most of their Flagship titles like Mario and Zelda in-house except for Pokemon.

The mainline Pokemon games are made by a Company called Game Freak and a big thing people are saying right now is that game freak should not be making the Pokemon games anymore because astonishingly after the sword.

Shield received mixed reviews, especially about the graphics scarlet and violet look much much worse I mean this 2022 game looks worse than a 2002 Zelda game.

To that, I don’t think Nintendo can go to game freak and just tell them to go eat a sock and hang out with Lickitung.

Nintendo can’t tell game freaks to get out of town and stop working on the Pokemon games because they can’t.

Pokemon was created by Game Freak not Nintendo even though in our heads Pokemon is synonymous with Nintendo Pokemon wasn’t created by Nintendo.

What happened was Nintendo had just dropped the original Game Boy and in 1990 game freak’s founder and president, Satoshi Tajiri came to Nintendo with Pokemon they Essentially worked on it together with game freak making the game and while Mario creators Shigeru Miyamoto lent him his expertise and helped in other ways.

 like it was his lovely idea to release Pokemon games in twos so basement dwellers can spend double the cash to get both exclusive games.

The idea with red and blue scarlet and violet pee and Pooh and bingenbong came from the fact that the original game boy came with a Link cable.

This is like Ancient Aliens technology to kids these. so the Link cable gave game freak’s president the idea that people could trade their Pokémon Collections and get kids to socialize over a common   Interest.

So the brand of Pokémon is owned by the Pokémon company and the Pokémon company is owned by game freak and Nintendo.

Nintendo can’t just push them out of making the game even if it does only run at 10 frames per second on a good day.

And unfortunately, I’ve been hopeful for a fix like many fans Pokemon scarlet and violet sold over 10 million copies in the first three days making them Nintendo’s biggest launch of all time.

Not Pokémon’s biggest launch Nintendo’s biggest launch of all time there is no incentive for them to go fix and Patch this game they’ve already won 10 million copies that’s as if the entire country of Portugal decided to own this moving picture book.

Why Pokemon games have gotten worse

Pokemon games used to be good they really were and it’s not even just me being blinded by Nostalgia goggles.

They’re so replayable that people are Still streaming and replaying Pokemon Red and Blue from 1996 today as time went on though more and more Pokemon fans began to fall out.

After the main franchises jump into 3D with Pokemon X and Y and it pretty much got worse from there for a lot of fans not all because of reused boring animations gimmicky features that just get swapped out with each generation.

I mean the jump into 3D was supposed to be exciting and new and refreshing with Pokemon on but Instead we got worse animations than Pokemon Stadium which came out in the late 90s.

with every generation, nothing actually made the games better or more functional and fun it feels like they got lazy like every new sports game is just the same game with an updated roster.

Pokemon’s first game on a main Home console sword and shield in 2019 was met with a lot of criticism for reusing the handheld 3DS’s Pokemon models and animations.

It just doesn’t That’s not how it should work while the story was pretty boring. people were expecting a Home console Mainline Pokemon game to be visually and technically impressive and it was just really disappointing.

Pokemon is like that X you keep going back to and you don’t know why after Pokemon sword and shield came out Pokemon let’s go Arceus and Pokemon scarlet and violet came out.

All with valid criticisms that have been watered down by fans saying oh at least Pokemon’s going in the right direction at least they’re trying something new by adding an open world because Pokemon traditionally is an extremely linear game.

Think about the scale at which gaming overall has grown over the 26 years since Pokemon started it becomes an obvious reflection of today’s  Gaming standards and culture.

I think the reasons are developers getting less and less time between game release complacency and the scope of Pokemon after almost 30 years.


one of the biggest questions is that if Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s biggest money makers why aren’t they investing more time and money into making the games not only good and functional got the bare minimum but visually and technically impressive.

They have the money the time and the Manpower. from a purely corporate standpoint you would think Nintendo and Game Freak would be pouring money into their money printer of a game series on the other hand they could also be choosing not to put more time and money into it because it’s so profitable that they don’t have to.

it’s gonna sell anyway clearly and they don’t have to reinvest because 66.6 of Pokemon’s profits actually come From merchandising maybe those paranoid moms were right all along only 17 billion dollars come from the games.

Scarlet and Violet are the worst games in the series when it comes to Performance and Metacritic reviews but are also the fastest selling this could be because of the brand recognition and the cultural Powerhouse that they’ve feels like we’re regressing next year they’re gonna release Frogger we’re gonna go back in time

each generation had plenty of time to develop before moving on to the next generation until 2016’s release of Pokemon sun and moon for the 3DS where they improved plenty of features that people didn’t like from the first 3D Pokemon games X and Y.

I’m specifically talking about Mainline 3D Pokemon games because spin-offs like Pokemon Stadium were not made by Game Freak those were made in-house by Nintendo.

There’s no way that the game developers had enough time to Be putting out scarlet and violet Legends Arceus Diamond and Pearl remake Pokemon sword and shield and two DLCs in three years with only 169 nice employees.

Pokemon at least to the higher-ups of Nintendo seems to have become less of a passion project and more of a product that you just clock in and out of like a job because.

There’s no way to tell for sure if the developers themselves even care anymore I’ve gotta imagine that there’s at least one dork that works at game freak that truly loves Pokemon and wants to see the games be fantastic.

Despite any new ideas or changes, the developers may want all the decisions to be ultimately up to the people in charge.

Many current game development Cycles have become annual releases it’s likely that game freak is just trying to Keep up with the Call of Duties and the EA sports games that these massive Studios poop out every year with teams of literally thousands of people.

For comparison breath of the wild had a development team of 300 by the end of production over a course of five years scarlet and violet were only in production for three years while working on several other titles at that time and these numbers don’t include localization teams and Outsourcing.

The Scope of pokemon After 30 years.

Pokemon Mario is over 30 and still fixing pipes for  Peach but there are so many different things you can make with Mario you can only add so many more Pokemon there are over 900.

Clearly, they’ve reached the limit to how many Pokemon they can include in a game at a time due to both time and production constraints I think there’s a lot they can do to be creative with Pokemon.

I Imagine that the higher-ups just want the same thing churned out every year because the money says it’s working so why to change it besides taking it to the open world I love that they’re doing what more can they really do because they’ve exhausted so many creative Avenues throughout each generation.

They’re really just plopping the game in different areas which whatever it’s fine I know what they can fix but that’s the bare minimum like Just making the game Run properly.

Maybe they can start by making the stories more interesting and involved like what Scarlet Violet started doing with each gym.

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