There are many strong characters in anime, some of them are more powerful than others. Therefore, we will discuss the top 10 strongest anime characters today on gametoon4u.

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10. GYUTARO || “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba”

Even though it only makes up half of the top rank six, this killer Kizuki is nevertheless twice as lethal once all those demons have to be taken into account based only on their status and in Ducky.

With a century of experience, merciless sadism, and an equally destructive sidekick, Gyutaro, it’s no surprise that he has claimed the heads of more than 15 cruel eras over the years. It was all hands on deck for the Slayers.

There may not be a Slayer alive who can match him in a true one-on-one fight after the kizuki not only repelled the Hero’s combined attacks but also very nearly turned them into stains on the sidewalk.

9. UNCLE || “From Another world”


This unsightly bum was transferred to another realm in true isekai fashion and gained a variety of bizarre abilities.

He woke up back on Earth after spending 17 years in a coma, and what’s even more strange is that he still possessed all of his abilities from his previous existence.

He transformed from being unconscious to a walking one-man army in a universe where the threshold for amazing superpowers is noticeably lower.

His major concern is whether he looks like an orc or not, even though his abilities come with a hefty asterisk due to his uncle’s maturity or lack thereof.

8. Bisco Akaboshi || “Sabikui Bisco”

This anime protagonist hit the target on power scaling with nothing more than a bow and arrow, some mushroom spores, and plenty of conviction.

Bisco’s ability to survive his prey in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland is amazing enough, but thanks to a specific diet of poison and fungi, he undoubtedly gained strength.

It should go without saying that having some rust-eating abilities is extremely useful, especially considering they give him immortality and the strength to destroy machines the size of kaiju.

No matter how you Notch it, Bisco’s upgrades are ridiculous, but in the limitations of this post-apocalyptic Japan, they are virtually priceless.

7. Faputa || “Made in Abyss”

The so-called princess of the hollows has a job to accomplish, even if it requires staining her claws red with blood and slaying the Village that first hailed her for her extraordinary physical strength and great agility. Even Red had little chance of stopping her, much less the defenceless bystanders.

Even if she is not invincible, the town’s boundaries makes things worse because all of her wounds are continuously healed there. However, even that is not what makes it so hazardous.

It’s not his strength or heritage either; rather, it’s her willingness to go to any lengths to fulfil her goal of overseas

6. Adam Smasher || “Cyberpunk Hedge Runners”

Whether it was human, mechanical, or anything in between, this Cyborg quickly lived up to his name in a very dramatic way. Nothing much halted his rampage.

It’s difficult to come up with a name that more accurately describes Smasher than Unstoppable after he batted Falco away like a fly, crushed Rebecca six feet into the ground, and even made bruised David appear like Child’s Play.

Since he had already destroyed the edge runners and wasn’t even trying to be serious, it is terrible that his victims couldn’t say the same of him.

5. Samidare Asahina || “Lucifer and The biscuit hammer”

Although it’s fair to say that’s because Samidro’s mystical Secret Service is more of a formality than anything else, his princess has no qualms about getting her dress dirty, sometimes much more than the night sworn to protect her.

She Clocks creatures Chucks automobiles and easily pounds everyone who gets in the way, showing that she can certainly take care of herself.

She has a lot of brains to support her position, perhaps too much so since it distorts her understanding of what it means to be its rescuer. This is a major warning sign since, at this point, nothing, not even actual apocalypse, may be able to stop her from achieving her goals.

4. CID Kagenou || “The Eminence in Shadow”

What could possible go wrong if a geeky youngster awakens in a new universe with some ridiculously broken superpowers?

Turns out quite a lot, but it’s not entirely Sid’s fault; he has a tendency to abuse his superhuman abilities. Sid undoubtedly possesses any superpower you can think of, but for some teenagers, enormous power comes with a glaring lack of responsibility.

He uses his abilities as much for good as for what will appear coolest, which inevitably causes a lot of collateral damage. The light show only serves to demonstrate Sid’s tendency for nuclear meltdown, and that is not hyperbole.

3. DENJI || “Chainsaw man”

It’s one thing to work with the devil, but keep in mind that we’re trying to prevent some spoilers here.

It’s one thing to partially transform into one; however, pochita ensures that this is exactly what occurs everytime this vivacious blonde pulls the wire on his chest.

They aren’t just for show; the change also includes a nifty attitude for tearing the Devil’s limb from limb, generally in an extremely gruesome manner. Chainsaw arms, legs, and yes, even a chainsaw face.

Genji and chainsaws are obviously a downright wicked combination, with the aching head being the most effective Devil Hunter to ever live on the devil’s very existence.

2. Dark Schneider || “Bastard!! Heavy Meta, Dark Fantasy”

A brief 15-year slumber is insufficient to dull the magical senses of a man who has lived for more than four centuries.

Therefore, he awoke with a warmer mood, but there was still no doubt that Dark Schneider was the most powerful wizard in the entire universe, which is saying something given how pricey this fantasy world is.

He dispatches assassins, demons, and entire countries with ease, and he has a particularly effective recruitment strategy for his army: join or be smited.

We believe Schneider’s foes won’t be as fortunate a second time around because it seemed like a Herculean effort to seal him away previously.

1. YHWACH || “Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War”

There are incredibly few Warriors throughout this series who are capable of attacking the soul Society head with assurance. No one could have ever made it appear to be this simple, not even within their Elite crew.

YHWACH prevailed. Without so much as a yawn, Hue Commando bathed Soul Society in reishi flames and engaged Captain Yamamoto.

Due to the Quincy King’s lack of necessity, this terrible display of strength is completely unique.

There’s no knowing what Arc himself is capable of if his army can take down people like Biakuya, Renji, and Toshiro.

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