Welcome to GameToon4u today we’re taking a look at the 10 most disappointing video games of 2022. games that were terrible or just plain awful but didn’t come out as well as we had hoped Which game did your launch hype no favors?

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10. Trek to Yomi

There is surely no shortage of video games set in the feudal era of Japan at the time of this article, but trip to Yomi is one of those Rarities where he would have liked to play anything else.

Although it has a good art style, the whole story is uninspired, so that only gets you so far. Finding hidden goods is not as thrilling and rewarding as it could be, and the battle offers nothing new that we haven’t already experienced.

Short spurts of playtime would be acceptable, but after the first couple of hours, we didn’t feel all that eager to continue.

9. Nintendo Switch Sports

Even Nintendo has fallen into the trap of releasing half-baked games in the era of live service games and bringing in some extra features later on, or just giving up on the games altogether. A prime example of this is Nintendo Switch Sports.

Despite being the eagerly anticipated successor to the Wii Sports period, Nintendo Switch Sports does not entirely embrace The Wide World of Sports because of its incomplete library.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still plenty of sports to choose from in this game, but compared to prior ones like Wii Sports Resort, which offered numerous sports, there are only six to choose from.

8. Dying Light to stay human

Since February is slated to be such a great month for video games, it wouldn’t hurt to examine how your choices affected the story and significantly altered the atmosphere. With its improved controls and expansion of the first game’s Parkour in combat, Dying Light 2 was expected to defy expectations.

The developer Techland virtually made the same mistakes it did with the first Dying Light back when the game premiered in 2014. In fact, the only thing that it genuinely shattered were our aspirations and dreams.

There was a fully developed game, but it was hard to tell because of the terrible technical issues that plagued the AI missions and the game’s general performance.

Numerous communities still view the game as unsafe to play, and given that it has been out for almost a year at this time, it is completely unacceptable.

7. New Tales from the Borderlands

There were many reasons to be concerned when Gearbox said it would continue Tales from the Borderlands with its own team.

The gearbox isn’t particularly well-known for games except shooters and role-playing games, much less games with interesting narratives.

Of course, alas and behold, new Tales from the Borderlands is a cringefest of jokes and awkward writing lacking any of the emotional weight and stakes of the previous game. Borderlands 2 is their finest and only best effort.

The lack of thoughtfulness and the emphasis on chuckles per minute make this experience agonising, similar to watching the most recent Thor film, Love and Thunder.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Borderlands, you might love this, but don’t anticipate it to be as good as Telltale Games’ original creation.

6. Ghost wire: Tokyo

Although Tango Game Works had some success with The Evil Within games, it hasn’t yet created a blockbuster game to put its name on. We thought to ghostwrite Tokyo would be the game, but it provided a stale experience.

Ghostwire Tokyo had significant-excellent talent behind it, not to mention the open World model. One important development was the combat director of Doom 2016.

Unfortunately, the fighting in this game doesn’t progress past constantly shooting adversaries until their cores are revealed; rather, it feels much more focused on general crowd control, which just serves to make things boring.

The Collectibles are everywhere which makes it feel way more bloated than it should Have been really it took me 40 to 50 hours for the platinum trophy if you just cut that in half this game probably would have been way better but for now you’ll probably get a kick out of the story but as far as completing the entire game there are way more other titles that are respectful of your time it’s not worth it.

You’ll probably enjoy the story for the moment, but as far as finishing the whole game, there are way more other options that are respectful of your time; it is not worth it. It took me 40 to 50 hours to get the platinum trophy. If you just cut that in half, this game probably would have been way better.

5. The Quarry

Okay, I’ll confess it. I really pushed for this game way back in June, and we included it on our list of the greatest horror games of 2022. In July, we even named it one of the best games of the year so far.

Why then did my opinion suddenly shift from thinking that this was one of the finest games of the year to one of the worst? It’s funny. Playing Fallout 76 with friends is enjoyable, but playing the quarry is a complete drag for everyone.

The story feels like a genuine grind to sit through since The Quarry takes so long to get to the terror.

There isn’t much horror after three to four hours. It is such a shame that enormous games continue to waste their potential in their post until the dawn years. The dialogue, however, is holy trash. Who was this dialogue created for?

We seriously worry about the studio’s future if we continue to see titles like The Quarry, and we can’t even state with certainty that it’s one of those games that is so terrible that it’s actually enjoyable.

4. Mario Strikers battle League

Since Nintendo is now preoccupied with the Pokemon scarlet and violet situation, we can assure you that we have no intention of pummeling Nintendo.

However, when it came to other titles like Fire Emblem Warriors and Pokemon Legends, Arceus, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Pokemon Legends, they really had a strong year.

But why not go all out if they were going to bring back something like Mario Strikers, a franchise we haven’t seen in 15 years?

Because Mario Striker’s Battle League lacked content despite costing $60 and having essentially no added modes from the prior games, it suffered from the same problem as Nintendo Switch Sports.

There are just 10 playable characters and hardly any single-player content where the gears affect your characters’ attributes. The Usual Suspects, of which four have been introduced since the game’s debut, all ought to have been present from the beginning.

3. OverWatch 2

Why we needed an OverWatch 2 will be one of the biggest puzzles of 2022. Really, why did we do that? Was it simply to get everyone to go over and give Blizzard their phone numbers, or was there a change in game engines to keep things running?

Was it because the original OverWatch had too much personality in its typeface UI and character design that we simply couldn’t allow it to continue, or was there a tonne of additional content that would have ruined it?

What possible justification could there be for scrapping an entire game that was performing admirably simply to repackage it and present it as something entirely new? Probably money, that’s why.

2. The Last of Us: Part One

The alleged remake of The Last of Us, which was reportedly created from scratch, seems particularly outrageous when it comes to things done just for financial gain.

Sure, we can all sit here and claim that it was created from the ground up, but was it really worth spending all that money and all those resources to recreate a game that previously played excellently on the PS4 with its remaster? What’s wrong with making a PS5 update instead?

This was really a 70 cash grab that will always be tainted by the controversy surrounding possible alternatives.

The last of us is still a wonderful game overall, but it was also great on PS3 and it was even better on PS4. Why did we need this? How necessary was it really to have a wicked dog do this above everything else?

Additionally, some of the cutscenes have a lot more errors than the cutscenes in the previous versions, making you wonder if it was worth it.

1. Gotham Knights

The writing and scenario really ruin it for us because there is no character development and none of the heroes seem to have any expertise in their own sleuthing abilities. Combat, on the other hand, is decent but nothing really fulfilling but it’s fine.

It’s similar to watching a bunch of acquaintances work together to solve an escape room puzzle, even though they aren’t quite buddies.

They all seem to have such drastically disparate personalities. There are three men: one who doesn’t care, one who sort of cares, one who acts as though he cares, and one who is sort of into it.

But isn’t entirely certain that’s how it feels, and who the hell is meant to be writing the enemy dialogue?

The two quotes I’m the professor of burning everything and die fire alarm die die die die seventy dollars, folks would sum up Gotham Knights and how awful this turned out. All OK, bye for now.

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