Welcome to gametoon4u. Today, we’re counting down our top 10 picks for the hidden messages that game developers have buried within their creations. Which message on this list surprised you the most? Did it make the cut? Let us know in the comments section below.

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10. Alex Kidd in Miracle world

Like many games from the 1980s, Alex Kidd in Miracle World offers a tonne of secrets for players to discover.

Only the Japanese edition of Alex Kidd in Miracle World contains this sweet hidden messages, though.

When you reach the final message, hit one or two on the first controller after pressing the one button 14 times on a second controller. The final message will now read, “We dedicate this narrative to Koichi and Emmy,” in the form of a brief letter from the developers.

We wish for future generations to be as brave, loving, and strong as Alex, and we wish for all of Alex’s loved ones to be eternally happy.

9. Silent Hill: shattered Memories

The Silent Hill game is renowned for being steeped in mystery; it seems as though there is a new layer to be revealed about the story and the characters with each playthrough.

The creators of Shattered Memories went above and above to include an eerie message that some players might not have thought to look for using Harry’s phone to call Konami’s customer service.

Harry’s dilemma is made much worse by the rep’s parting remarks, which at first seem a little silly.

Msg: Your call is from Silent Hill, according to our caller ID. I’m sorry to say, but you are past the point of even our assistance.

8. Erica and Satoru’s dream Adventure

For those who are unaware, Erica and Satoru’s dream is one of the most well-known instances of game developers concealing messages in their creations, and with good reason. At the time, adventure was a nested game with a distinctive blending of visual novels and adventure games.

The problem is that one developer’s covert message has permanently destroyed the innocent vibe of this game.

To witness it for yourself, let the game lie idle for 90 minutes and press a confusing button combination. The message is one long diatribe criticising coworkers for their slack work ethic and perverse behaviour.

7. God of War

God of War has one of the coolest secrets for players to uncover. The PlayStation 2 games developed some fantastic nuggets for players to unearth that have helped make the console memorable to many.

Destroy every statue in the throne room to reveal the hidden message. Then, enter it top to bottom, left to right, into your phone and dial the number.

You’ll receive a special note from Kratos and the game’s creator, David Jaffe, wishing you luck on discovering the tiny Easter egg.

After beating the game on God mode, you can locate a second phone number. We tested both of these numbers and they both work, so don’t worry.

6. The New Tetris

The new Tetris for Nintendo 64 is the last of these irate rants we’re discussing in this video and it’s a little more personal. Yes, there are a few rants and lash outs to find in older games.

Programmer David Pretty inserted a critical message in the game that specifically criticised the game’s producer before he passed away two years after the game’s release.

Spence allegedly evolved playing Ever Quest and StarCraft while reciting facts, according to Pretty the Producer.

Pretty subsequently acknowledges the poor quality of the game, saying it might take another month to complete it once all the flaws have been fixed.

5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

How many times have you thought, “I bet there’s something up there,” when you see an Out of Reach position in a game? Some players who played San Andreas may have been let down.

Who among you tried and succeeded in climbing to the top of the Gantt bridge? If you did, you were welcomed by a sign that read: “There are no Easter eggs up here. Go away.”

It was useless to spend the time and energy necessary to ascend the tall edifice.

4. Donkey Kong

Even in the early days of video games, when Donkey Kong was still a popular game, there were hidden messages and challenges.

This meant that finding the technically clever Easter egg wasn’t easy because there weren’t many programmers, let alone individuals who understood how a video game even worked.

If you cracked the game’s code, you would find a message from Donkey Kong development Studio ikigami sushinki that thanked you for your efforts and provided contact information for a future job opportunity at the firm.

3. Rayman

The Rayman developers made their statements a little bit more personal in a good manner. Developers have left messages to call out bad coworkers or give heartfelt greetings to fans.

The group committed a sizable number of passwords to leaving humorous and heartfelt notes for loved ones as well as a few that supported the game.

To experience Rayman on the Atari Jaguar, which has a password system distinct from the PlayStation version, and even Nintendo, you will need to play the game.

2. Halo 3 ODST

The personal birthday message that one developer included in Halo 3 for his wife will be remembered by longtime Halo fans.

No Xbox veteran will ever forget the heartfelt homage, but Halo 3 ODST contained a message that we were all blind to.

The words “Destiny awaits” are written at the top of a poster in the game that depicts an enigmatic ship soaring over Earth.

Five years after the events, Bungie revealed a brand-new game without raising a fuss, and we were finally allowed to play it.

1. Super Mario 64

We spent more than two decades trying to acquire official confirmation of this hidden messages significance because it was the most enigmatic in gaming history.

People grew so interested with deciphering the message from the fountain in Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64—which reads L is real 2401—that gaming outlets started to offer rewards for information. Unfortunately, every lead was only a speculation.

We didn’t receive official confirmation of what we had all assumed from this statement until the Nintendo Giga League of 2020.

Luigi was originally going to be a playable character for co-op gameplay, but he was regretfully eliminated during production, proving that L was actually real.

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