Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane and Sykkuno is an American live streamer. Pokimane reveals Sykkuno checking up on her, fans share wholesome reactions.

Recently, Canadian Twitch streamer Imane Pokimane revealed on her live stream that she has a lot of streamer friends, but Thomas “Sykkuno” is her most interactive friend among all streamer friends.

Imane said she hasn’t been able to spend quality time with her streamer friends because of her erratic streaming schedule.

Explaining the reason for this, he said that his friends are busy with their own streaming.

But apart from all these, Sykkuno turned out to be the only one of his friends who used to interact with him by moving away from his streaming route.

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She said it while streaming live on twitch :

Pokimane reveals his feelings about Sykkuno’s friendly gesture “Sykkuno is very flattering and he is so sweet”

As Pokimne said, she is taking care of herself, which is why she isn’t as active on Twitch as before. She likes to have a good sleep schedule which prevents her from streaming for long hours. she shares his feelings about Sykkuno’s friendly gesture. Read the following statement given below

Imane Statement :

“I’ve noticed that the less I stream and less I game, unfortunately, the less I hang out with some of my streamer/gamer friends. That’s just how life is cause you know, they fill so much of their time with that (streaming), so, right? Very normal.”

However, one of the people that have kept up with me the most, which has been very surprising and very flattering, is Sykkuno. Sykkuno will respond to the most random Instagram story of mine with like a fire emoji, or he’ll be like, ‘feel better,’ or just say some random thing.”

Out of, like, all of my streamer friends, Sykkuno has been one of the ones that I did not expect to reach out to as much as he does, which I have just found so sweet. Cause you ain’t gotta do that. He’s not asking so we could stream together or do something. He’s like, ‘wassup?’

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