The new VCT format and the new Ascension League were introduced by Riot Games, dramatically altering the Valorant competitive circuit.

The method teams enter the competition has changed from 2023, despite the fact that the general structure is very same thanks to the new franchise system that the corporation implemented.

Thirty teams from three areas have been chosen to play in the VCT. In sub-regional tournaments, other members of these areas will contend for a seat in the Valorous Ascension League. The league’s champions will advance to the VCT the following year.

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How is the Valorous Ascension League going to operate?

The world has been divided into three regions: The Americas, EMEA, and The Pacific, and the Valorant Ascension League operates in a relatively straightforward manner.

Sub-regional competitions will be held in these three regions. The sub-regional competitions will be place in two phases.

The top teams from each of these sub-regional leagues will find themselves fighting in the Valorant Ascension League for their region at the conclusion of both stages.

The Ascension League champions will be guaranteed a position in the VCT for the following two years.

Up to 2026, there will be an Ascension League in each of the aforementioned regions. This is a pretty intriguing approach for Riot Games to achieve their goal of increasing the number of teams in the foreign leagues to 14.

It’s interesting to note that teams that successfully qualify for the VCT through the Ascension League will be allowed to hold onto their berth for a total of two years without being demoted.

They will be demoted back to their league at the conclusion of this time when they will have to compete in the Ascension League.

Date and teams expected to play in the Valorant Ascension League

Commenting on the teams that will compete in the Ascension League at this time is very challenging.

The teams that do well during the sub-regional competitions in 2023 will be able to secure a spot in the Ascension League because it is solely based on performance.

As for the launch dates, Riot Games has provided some approximate time frames rather than precise dates at this time.

This was done for the EMEA leg of the competition, but there is a good likelihood that other regional leagues may take place at the same time. The current calendar is shown below.

After everything is finished, the Ascension League will start. It’s anticipated to begin in July. This is merely the tournament’s EMEA leg schedule.

A similar time range will likely be used by the remaining leagues as well. Overall, it’s looking like the forthcoming Valorant competition season will be really fascinating. Each team will put on a show that is entertaining to see.

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