Henna berries are ascension tools for a number of characters, including Candace and Faruzan. Here is the quickest way to get them with the help of Genshin Impact’s top 5 spots for henna berries.

One of the ascension materials in Genshin Impact is the henna berry. Along with the inclusion of the desert region in Sumeru, this item was also made available in the game.

Faruzan, one of the two new four-star units added to Genshin Impact alongside Wanderer, needs this equipment. Therefore, the five ideal areas for players to grow henna berries have been listed in this article in detail.

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1.Aaru Village

Farming should begin in Aaru Village for players. Although players can choose their spawn point at random, the fastest path would descend from the top waypoint first.

Around 14 henna berries can be found close to the settlement of Aaru if players manage to collect them all. This is undoubtedly a strong beginning and one of the highest figures that can be attained from a single location.

2. The Dune of Carouses

Go to the Dunes of Magma after you’ve finished harvesting Henna Berries at the other places.

The main issue is that the objects are actually close to the Statue of the Seven and Teleport Waypoint rather than at The Dune of Carouses. To the right of the previously described location is this.

16 Henna Berries can be found here, which is two more than can be found close to Aaru Village.

3. Dune of Elusion and Sobek Oasis

Players should move to the bottom side of the desert in Sumeru, near the Dune of Elusion and Sobek Oasis, after finishing The Dune of Carouses. Players won’t have any trouble moving about because there are numerous teleport waypoints around.

Around 16 Henna Berries can be found nearby, the same number as the previous location, if players gather all the necessary things.

4. Mausoleum of King Deshret

The King Deshret Mausoleum’s lower level contains a few henna berries. The aforementioned site is only a landmark, and it is outside.

Players must proceed to the narrow lane next to the mausoleum as indicated in the above photo. Around this area, Genshin Impact players can gather nine Hanna Berries.

5. Dar al-Shifa

Players can go here to acquire Henna Berries one last time. Sadly, there aren’t many, but there are still more than in the other places.

The goods can be found to the right of the Dendro Hypostasis. In Genshin Impact, this place yields a total of four.

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