Welcome to GameToon4u today we’re facing down Ragnarok and taking on the 10 hardest bosses in God of War Ragnarok.

We’ll be focusing on the bosses that the God of War and Atreus must overcome in order to survive the end of the nine Realms for the purposes of this list.

What was the hardest boss you encountered in God of War Ragnarok? Let us know in the comments. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Even though the Valkyrie battle in VANADIS wasn’t the hardest Kratos and Atreus had ever encountered, it was still difficult enough to induce PTSD in anyone who had previously freed the Valkyries from their curse.

While ordinarily keeping a safe distance during these battles would be a wise course of action, this is not the case with VANADIS since, in addition to her devastating Close Quarters strikes, she is also able to use her bow to target Kratos and Atreus from distance.

If Kratos and even Atreus are not careful, she can even cover the battlefield in poison, draining their health. The revelation that VANADIS is Freya in her Valkyrie form adds an emotional element to the fight that has just ended as you see her grieve as she holds nothing.


Kratos’ Norse Adventures doesn’t have many large foes to face, but when there are, you can be sure it will be worth the wait.

Kratos and Atreus must stop the huge wolf before he destroys all nine realms after accidentally releasing Garm from his chains in Hell.

McGarm won’t voluntarily return to his chains because of his gigantic size, which has little bearing on his speed, and because his bite is unquestionably more dangerous than his bark.

Garm even succeeds in keeping the pair at bay by using his chains against them, but this only serves to open a gap that Kratos quickly takes advantage of.

When you believe you have defeated this bad boy for good, GARM reappears to complete the conflict and even


Alva, a visit to Alfheim wouldn’t be complete without one of the High Elves attempting to stop the Father and Son Duo from departing.

The light elf queen now stands in their way after they defeated the dark elf king in their previous adventure. Alva uses her speed to her advantage as she smoothly slides around the arena slicing at Kratos with every pass and giving out Elemental strikes from a distance, in contrast to the elf king who relied on cruelty.

All the harm done up until this point is useless because Alva also has the power to cure herself whenever she wants.

If you’ve managed to master the timing, the game’s emphasis on defensive Shield powers comes in quite helpful here; otherwise, you’re at a severe disadvantage.


Unfortunately, the need hog was merely fulfilling its job of guarding the roots when it came into contact with Kratos and Freya because of Odin’s curse on her being bound in the roots of the world tree. However, since it was in the way, neither party had much of a choice.

While Freya tries to sever the roots, Kratos must maintain the ferociously unyielding need hog’s attention.

The moment Freya enters the battle, the need hog is unleashed. It seemed to be holding back from tail laser attacks and opening realm tears to attack from all directions. Kratos is extremely appreciative that Freya is fighting with him rather than against him.

Eventually, the two became so desperate that they made an effort.


Santa Monica Studios made the decision to increase the excitement for players after plainly recognising how much gamers adore the challenge of the Valkyries.

As Kratos and Atreus strive to usher in Ragnarok, Hrist and Mist team up against them, and they will stop at nothing to prevent it.

Taking on two Valkyries at once is a completely new kind of task, despite any instinctive memories gamers may still have from their past encounters with them.

Not even considering the fact that the duo heals themselves and returns faster and stronger than the prior time, just when you believe the battle is over.

The complementary nature of the Valkyries’ alliance wonderfully complements Kratos and Atreus’ synchronicity in combat as a team.


The fight between Thor and Kratos, unquestionably the most anticipated of the entire game after 2018’s Stinger, does not dissapoint.

Thor swears this won’t be their final encounter after their initial run-in to pay back a blood debt and even breaks the fourth wall during their fight. He wants to fight the real God of War, and during the events of Ragnarok, he gets his wish.

Thor keeps demonstrating why he is so feared throughout the Nine Realms by deftly deflecting many of Kratos’s most powerful blows while teasing the God of War the entire while.

Despite his immense stature, Thor can effortlessly cross the arena to do close-range, devastating damage because to his wide range of AOE abilities. In the end, Thor faced off against the God-killer, but Kratos decided not to finish this particular combat.

4. Heimdall

After having to put up with Heimdall’s continuous arrogant ridicule, this fight was possibly more anticipated than round two of Kratos and Thor’s fight. We were more than ready to wipe that smug smirk off Heimdall’s face.

As soon as Kratos uses the drop near spear to good effect after taking off his Mount Heimdall, his ability to deflect every single assault is put to the test.

Even with this advantage, Heimdall changes his attack patterns frequently, keeping Kratos and the player on guard and waiting for a chance to strike. Even when Kratos tries to spare Heimdall, the arrogant Acer God won’t back down, growing a new arm to continue the fight and using it to saturate the battlefield with Bifrost attacks.

Finally, Kratos silences Heimdall for good because it was necessary rather than because it was prescribed.


Despite all of his preparations and efforts to escape Ragnarok, Odin ultimately becomes the mastermind behind his own demise.

Odin abandons all preconceived notions and pours his wrath on Kratos and Atreus for bringing Ragnarok to his doorstep with all nine Realms United against him and all his dirty linen exposed bare.

The confrontation against Odin takes place in several phases, similar to many of Ragnarok’s dramatic encounters, with the all-father employing a barrage of Elemental attacks that force players to continually dodge and pick their moments for strike or incur significant damage.

Odin is relentless in his strikes and verbal abuse, and Kratos and Atreus must utilise everything they’ve learned thus far to defend themselves.

One of the most gratifying moments was when the all-father was ultimately forced to submit to the god of battle and stop his tyranny.


While the Valkyries posed a threat thanks in large part to their incredible Speed and Agility, Berserkers, none more so than the Berserker King, use a much more brutal approach. Just because the Valkyries are no longer around doesn’t mean that there aren’t still cursed challenges waiting within the nine Realms.

Kratos will be knocked off his feet by this total tank, which has a huge health bar and can easily withstand the harshest strikes Kratos can unleash.

The monarch attacks in a similar manner to earlier Berserkers, but with a lot greater force behind each blow. Although the Berserker King may have ordered Kratos to prostrate himself, Kratos ultimately prevails.

1. GNA

Seagram will be put to the test not just for the role of Valkyrie Queen but also for the toughest boss battle in the entire Norse realm. Kratos and Freya are even given the choice to leave the battle before it starts by Gana.

Gana chuckles as Kratos’s most deadly blows hardly register on her health meter. Due to her quickness and fierce assaults, should Kratos slip up even once, the implications for his health bar will be severe.

She has access to practically every Elemental attack seen in the game to date and can quickly traverse the arena while delivering devastating ranged assaults.

Freya begs Gna to give in, but she won’t, and she uses all of her strength to convince Kratos that she is the legitimate heir to Sigrun. Even in the face of loss, GNA won’t let up, forcing Freya to carry out the mission.

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