Not every idea developed by a community has mythical origins. It seems like too much of a coincidence that the infamous 9-3 curse keeps happening. The final voice has come from a valorant developer.

Precision shooting, in-depth knowledge of the game, and experience are required in Riot Games’ tactical shooter. To a good old jinx, however, these abilities are worthless.

The 9-3 switch, a curse that has been known to reverse the tides despite a sizable round lead, is a theory that valorant players hold dear.

Thoughtful players had their doubts despite this heroic proverb’s age and its association with the game. Now that the curse has been acknowledged, Riot.

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Is the 9-3 curse real in Valorant?

Valorous developers claim that recovering from a 3-9 score is significantly simpler than from a 7-5 or 10-2, indicating that the cursed scoreline is the site of some strange occurrences.

An in-depth stat analysis by Riot revealed that the team having a round advantage at 3–9 is more likely to win. However, the losing team is more likely to mount a comeback when compared to other scorelines. Although winning at 5-7 should be simpler, losing teams were more likely to reach overtime at 3-9 than they were at 5-7. While the 9-3 curse might not always work, something definitely seems off about it, according to this disease.

9-3 leads shouldn’t be too unusual for teams that are evenly matched. With a little aid from the concept of the “curse,” leading teams may see a talent difference that actually isn’t present and become a little too comfortable while trailing teams profit from both an economic and psychological reset. Ash “Riot Kona” Garrett, Valorant developers speak up.

Riot discovered that P.E.B. rounds have a lot to do with comebacks while trying to understand the curse. The mentioned curse is greatly influenced by how you perform in pistol, eco, and bonus. For instance, if you activate the score of 3-9 and triumph in the opening pistol, you are prepared for the following two rounds, bringing the score to 6-9. You’ll experience an economic bump from here.

The 9-3 curse may not be based on actual events, but according to Valorant creators, it’s not exactly a myth either.

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