Look at the splendors of the Four Oceans! we rank the cutest female characters from the One Piece series.

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10: Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori, the ideal flower of Wano Country, is one of the legitimate shogun’s heirs. Hiyori may have spent most of her life passing herself off as a wealthy courtesan, but she is a compassionate and resourceful individual.

Her fame and beauty are such that when she is declared dead, Wano as a whole enters into sorrow. Hiyori is not just gorgeous but also a gifted musician. We’d swap places with Zoro in a heartbeat despite the fact that he may be too thick-headed to recognize her attractions. He received a sword from her, for goodness sake!

9: Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju, Sanji’s sister, puts the “hot” in “hot pink!” Reiju is the exception in Sanji’s typically bad family; she looks out for her brother in contrast to her other siblings and father.

Reiju’s raid costume not only enhances her proficiency with poisons but also accentuates the lethal mix of her long legs and ample cleavage! Reiju looks absolutely lethal no matter what, even when she isn’t sporting the evil Super Sentai appearance! She might be the only woman Sanji will never simp for, but that won’t stop the rest of us from trying!

8: Kalifa

Despite being initially introduced as a secretary, Kalifa has a sultry librarian vibe going on. She then changes into a dark leather outfit with fishnets and garters when it’s revealed that she is an undercover government killer.

Even though Kalifa’s clothing all obscenely flaunts her legs, eating a Devil Fruit makes her even more seductive.

Her soap-powered abilities allow her to clean away her enemies, but in order to do so, she must get up close and personal. Yes, the suds equate to a messy demise. but you can’t deny that it’s alluring!

7: Ulti

Ulti is a different breed of cute, despite the fact that she is just as lethal as the other Beast Pirates. Ulti is as sexy as any of One Piece’s senior waifus, and she is just as obstinate, despite the fact that her outfit surely cushions the blow.

Who doesn’t love a girl who can transform into a dinosaur, after all? Although Ulti’s rage and obsessive devotion for her brother are obvious warning signs, we nevertheless enjoy watching her gorgeous firebrand antics from a safe distance.

6: Baby 5

No one is more willing to satisfy anyone’s requirements than Baby 5, who wants to feel needed. Baby 5 is a member of the Donquixote family and can transform any part of her body into a weapon.

She appears to be a maid. eager to help, to the point where it frequently comes at the expense of her own happiness.

Baby 5, while occasionally being a pushover, is considerably more attractive and good than the majority of her gang. Sai is extremely fortunate to be with someone as lovely and loyal as she is.

5: Tashigi

Tashigi, a captain in the Marines, is less overtly sexual than many other “One Piece” women. She has, nevertheless, always had a nice, bookish charm about her.

She also experiences a small glow-up following the time skip. While Zoro may not understand how stunning she is (are you sensing a pattern here? ), the rest of us are free to find her alluring.

Tashigi is a marine deserving of respect and admiration for both her morals and the way she makes everyone around her go doki doki. Tashigi is a lady of principle with a strong moral compass that doesn’t always align with those of her superiors.

4: Perona

In our opinion, the gothic lolita style is always winning, and Perona definitely rocks it! Having the ability to astral project and manipulate spirits thanks to her obsession for charming and eerie things, Perona makes us feel as though we’ve had an out-of-body experience.

Many of her fans undoubtedly find her pink, wavy hair and profusion of frilly dresses to be appealing. Despite the fact that Perona’s powers can depress most characters, seeing her always makes us happier.

3: Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock, who is regarded as the most attractive woman living in the “One Piece” universe, certainly lives up to the expectations! She might only have eyes for Luffy, but everyone else is enthralled by the pirate empress! Hancock, who is breathtakingly beautiful and wears clothing with no discernible necklines, has the ability to transform those who fall in love with her into stone. And because so few people are resistant to her charms, many statues appear when she’s around. She is much more than deserving of the title Empress, and every time she shows up, Luffy’s luck is brought to mind.

2: Nico Robin

There may not be a more stunning scholar than the former Miss Sunday. Robin has so many intriguing sides to her; she can be cool, spooky, cute, or badass, but she’s always, always a total beauty! As one of the Straw Hats, Robin never lacks opportunities to show off her wealth and extravagance.

It has been demonstrated that her capacity to completely recreate her limbs on any surface is just as lethal as it is captivating. More Robin is always better!

1: Nami

You shouldn’t be shocked! Nami, the original “One Piece” heroine, has been seductive from the beginning of the series and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The Straw Hats’ navigator constantly leads her squad in the proper direction and always brings the thunder, whether she’s engaged in combat or striking us with her most recent attire! Nami becomes an indispensable and enjoyable character in the series thanks to her strong character development, kind disposition, and funny responses to the crew’s shenanigans. The fact that she is also an absolute knockout is surely helpful as well.

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