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High on Life, the newest game from Squanch Games has received favorable reviews from the public for about two weeks now. The game has gained a lot of popularity among players thanks to its unique and chatty guns, as well as its hilarious characters and visually appealing world design.

However, some of the game’s performance flaws persist to this day, and occasionally particular sections do not appear to function at their best. Although there aren’t many bugs and problems in the game, those that are there can be very frustrating to deal with.

The “Audio not Working” error, which occasionally causes the game’s audio to mute, is one of the bugs that gamers have been experiencing.

The fact that there is no long-term solution to this problem beyond a few stopgap measures makes it challenging to handle. Therefore, this article will cover different techniques players may use to resolve the “Audio not Working” problem in High on Life.

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Fixing the High on Life “Audio not Working” error

As previously stated, there are no long-term solutions to High on Life’s audio problems. However, the following list of short-term fixes:

1) Begin the game over.

High on Life’s audio problem has reportedly been resolved for some gamers by restarting the game. Closing and restarting the game appears to have fixed the sound, even if it is only a temporary remedy, and the audio output device appears to be recognized.

2) Check your audio system.

The problem is probably caused by the audio equipment you are using. To find out if your device has any driver-related faults, you might wish to start troubleshooting.

If there is a driver issue, updating the device’s and Windows’ audio drivers to the most recent version may automatically resolve the sound problems.

If that doesn’t work, the gadget might have a hardware problem. Check to see whether other games using the same hardware produce any sounds by playing them.

3) Mute spatial audio

High on Life can be one of the games where spatial sound seems to be a major source of problems. By turning off this function, you can try to fix the game’s audio issue.

By selecting the Spatial Sound tab under Audio Device Properties in the Sound Control Panel, you can turn it off. Disable it, then restart the game.

4) Install the game again.

Although uninstalling and reinstalling the game may seem like a severe measure, several players within the community have reported that it appears to have worked.

You can try re-installing the game to see if it resolves the audio difficulties in High on Life while we wait for Squanch Games to create a patch or hotfix to address them.

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