The “Rendering Device Lost” error, which appears as a result of a TDR (timeout detection and recovery) incident while players are in the game, is one of the most frustrating problems to deal with in the shooter.

One of the largest game-breaking mistakes in the shooter right now, it will automatically kick the player out of the game and end the match.

But there are a few methods that players may use, and today’s article will cover all of them, to resolve the “Rendering Device Lost” error in Overwatch 2.

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Steps to resolve “Rendering Device Lost” problem

1) Check the temperature of your computer.

If your CPU temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius or your GPU temperature exceeds 80 degrees Celsius, you may have an overheating problem which causes also causes Rendering Device Lost problems.

Solution: Try downloading and running HWMonitor from CPUID on your computer to keep an eye on the temperature of your hardware.

2) Install the latest graphics drivers

The community seems to have found that updating their GPU drivers is another workable fix for the “Rendering Device Lost” bug in the shooter.

Players will be able to quickly update their drivers using programs like the Radeon Software for AMD and the NVIDIA Geforce Experience.

Updating the GPU drivers can resolve most performance-related problems in video games, and this Overwatch 2 issue probably is one of them.

3) Try to stay away from CPU/GPU overclocking

Fans who are playing the shooter on a CPU or GPU that has been overclocked may get the “Rendering Device Lost” problem more frequently than others.

Many people in the community have noted that returning the clock speed to default has improved performance and in some cases eliminated the problem.

Therefore, for those who have been affected by this game-breaking problem, returning it to the default settings might just work.

4) Stop all the background application

This fix is for older operating systems that have trouble managing several tabs and open applications.

Users probably have other background apps active on their machine if they are experiencing the “Rendering Device Lost” problem in Overwatch 2. Therefore, it is advisable for players to restart the game after terminating any background programs and clearing as much RAM as they can.

5) Install the game again.

Although uninstalling and then reinstalling the game has been reported to work by many in the community, this may be one of the most extreme measures a player can take.

Reinstalling the game from scratch may probably fix the issue if any game files are corrupt and not functioning properly.

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