Numerous benchmarks have been conducted, and they demonstrate that generally speaking, simply increasing more RAM won’t improve your in-game performance. It may not be appropriate to respond to the topic of whether or not increasing RAM boost frame rates(fps). Instead, a better query would be “Will increasing more RAM enhance my FPS in games if I have a low amount of RAM?”

And the truth is that, in some cases, depending on your RAM capacity, adding additional RAM could raise your frame rate.

Games require a specific amount of RAM to function. It’s possible that different games require different amounts of RAM to function. Although certain games could require a lot of RAM, others might not.

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The amount of memory a game requires will also depend on the settings you pick to play it

The amount of memory a game requires will also depend on the settings you pick to play it. Your favorite games will use more memory if you choose to play them at their highest settings as opposed to if you choose to play them at their lowest.

Therefore, the appropriate response to whether or not adding additional RAM will raise your FPS would be something along these lines:

As there are still not many games that use more than 16GB of memory, if you currently have a respectable amount of RAM (let’s say 16GB), adding additional RAM is probably not going to enhance your FPS in the majority of games and situations. On the other hand, if you have a little quantity of memory (let’s say, 4GB–8GB), adding additional RAM can raise your frame rate in games that use more RAM than you did before.

In terms of value for money, 8-16GB of RAM is still likely the best option if you’re constructing a new gaming machine or upgrading your current setup. If your budget allows for it, choosing more RAM than 16GB may make sense if you’re also undertaking graphic design or video editing.

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