The Yonko have always been one of the most fascinating groups in the One Piece story. As they were gradually introduced, the excitement and expectation surrounding them rose throughout the course of the first half of the series.

After the time skips, there was a significant payout, and many Yonko lost their positions to the newest round of inexperienced pirates.

The age of the pirates who make up One Piece’s most powerful squad when they first joined the Yonko is a fascinating factor.

While some of these are known, others are provided with no information regarding their level of membership in the group. Instead, many fans are now interested in learning how old the Yonko are in the present series, as a result of this.

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1) Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece’s Yonko ranks’ newest recruit is also their youngest. As of the current serializations, fans have seen Luffy at ages 7, 17, and 19, respectively, when the story returned from a time skip and when he set sail from Windmill Village. He became the youngest Yonko in the history of the series at the age of 19, as far as fans are aware.

When Luffy fought Kaido in his native Wano, ending the Wano arc, he was referred to as Yonko. Despite not being a native of Wano, Kaido had a base there for many years previous to the start of the series.

Although it is currently unknown if he is still alive or not, it appears that his defeat against Luffy damaged his reputation to the point where he lost his Yonko seat.

2) Shanks

Shanks’ six years as a Yonko were disclosed in the Wano arc, which indicates that, given his current age of 39, he first entered the group’s ranks as a 33-year-old Captain.

Six years had passed since fans last saw him leave Windmill village in the crucial scene where Luffy received his recognizable Straw Hat.

Shanks was recognized as being at least as strong as his Yonko contemporaries despite not possessing any Devil Fruit abilities.

He is feared and revered by pirates, marines, and the world government equally, though it is still unknown whether this is solely because of his Yonko status and potential as a pirate.

3) Buggy the Clown

One of the first characters in the series, and a fan favorite from One Piece, is Buggy the Clown, who joined the Yonko ranks alongside Luffy when he was 39.

Unlike Buggy, who defeated no Yonko to earn his status, Luffy joined the Yonko by eliminating one of their former members and claiming his position (along with previous accomplishments).

As the head of the Cross Guild, a mercenary-style organization that places bounties on the heads of Marines for pirates to seek, Buggy was instead nominated to Yonko’s job.

Buggy was awarded a 3 billion Beri bounty for his alleged membership in the Cross Guild and was made Yonko due to the danger such a system poses to the Marines and the World Government.

4) Blackbeard

Blackbeard, like Luffy, rose to the position of Yonko in One Piece by creating a vacancy and seizing it. By killing Whitebeard, he did just that, taking advantage of the fabled pirate when he was at his most vulnerable.

In any case, his strategy worked, allowing him to reach the rank of Yonko in the exact middle of the two-year gap; as a result, he was also 39 when he received the title, and is now 40.

Since gaining these new abilities, Blackbeard has ruled the New World, snatching as many Devil Fruits as he can, ostensibly in order to realize some as-yet-unidentified wish or objective.

5) Kaido

Kaido and Shanks joined the Yonko at the same time, according to the One Piece novel Ace’s Story, which is focused on Ace’s progression from inexperienced pirate to Whitebeard divisional commander.

If this is accurate, Kaido would have been 59 years old as of the Wano Arc, making him about 53 years old at the time of his ascent to Yonko.

Kaido was known as one of the strongest beings and pirates in the entire globe as the tyrant of Wano and Captain of the Zoan-user-filled Animal Kingdom Pirates.

There are a number of instances that highlight Kaido’s strength, but none more so than his apparent immunity to all common forms of demise.

6) Big Mom

It is unknown how old Big Mom was when she joined the Yonko, but she is 68 years old as of right now. Based on events in the series’ narrative, she probably became a Yonko sometime in her late 40s or early 50s, but this is totally speculative and in no way, shape, or form officially confirmed.

Following the conclusion of One Piece’s Wano Arc, Big Mom lost her Yonko position after being defeated by Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D.

Water Law in a 2-on-1 matchup between the two Supernovas. Although it is unknown if she is still alive, if she is, she will most likely need to target Luffy or Buggy the Clown in order to make room for herself in the Yonko.

7) Whitebeard

Whitebeard, who was 72 years old when he passed away at the conclusion of One Piece’s Marineford War, is the oldest Yonko ever seen in the manga.

The only thing we know about his climb to Yonko renown, like Big Mom, is that he received the moniker sometime after Gol D. Roger passed away, 22 years before the first episode of the series.

As a result, Whitebeard was at least 50 years old when he received the title of Yonko for the first time. Even when he was feeble from old age, he was still recognized as the strongest pirate on the high seas.

In addition, he possesses the largest bounty of any Yonko that is currently known, making it one of the highest overalls in the whole series.

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