There are many fantastic horror games on Xbox Game Pass, whether they are creepy, gruesome, or jumpy, but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are some of the spookiest Xbox Game Pass titles to check out in 2023.

In recent years, horror games have seen something of a revival, and Xbox Game Pass has helped make them more accessible.

Not only have remakes of legendary games like Resident Evil 4 been revealed, but there has also been a recent influx of spooky new releases, many of which are accessible through services like Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass now offers more spooky titles than ever before. This means that if they want to spend a terrifying night in, devoted horror enthusiasts should go download them right away.

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Here are some frightening games that made us shiver to the bone.

Caution: none of these are suitable for people with a nervous disposition.

1) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

In contrast to the previous games on this list, Hellblade isn’t actually a horror title. At first sight, it appears to be more of an action-adventure game similar to Ninja Theories’ earlier works. Nevertheless, it succeeds in being horrifying.

A Celtic warrior tries to reclaim her dead lover’s spirit in the course of the narrative. The game starts to play with the player’s expectations as it goes along, which is something that is typically done in horror games.

By the time it was all said and done, Hellblade had bravely explored mental illness in a way that not many video games had.

The creators interviewed real neuroscientists, mental health professionals, and persons experiencing the same condition to tell an accurate scenario that accurately depicted Senua’s psychosis.

2) Dead Space

Dead Space uses a scenario reminiscent of Alien, body horror evoking The Thing, and Resident Evil-style gameplay. Although its successors grew in size and volume, the first Dead Space still stands out as a horror icon.

The objective of the game is for one engineer to investigate and repair a deserted space station. The only issue is that a dangerous extraterrestrial infection transformed the crew into percomorphs, deformed zombie monsters.

The game not only offers a terrifying survival horror experience, but it also ups the ante with dark psychological passages that push Isaac, the main character, to the brink of insanity. Through the course of the game, Isaac experiences more hazy hallucinations.

Additionally, the game is being updated for the current-gen, allowing it to frighten and perplex a new generation of horror enthusiasts.

3) We Happy Few

We Happy Few is an incredibly original idea that may also be downright terrifying at times. According to the idea, society has completely disintegrated into the worst kind of dictatorship, and the only way to escape it is for everyone to constantly be ecstatically happy drug users.

The player assumes the character of a citizen who has quit using drugs and can now see things objectively. As a result, you are pursued by the establishment and the drug-addled populace with the intention of being killed. Or perhaps you could return to the pleasure of ignorance?

4) Alien Isolation

The scariest scenario imaginable is still being imprisoned on a dark spacecraft while being pursued by a clever, cunning, persistent, nearly unstoppable Alien, as Ridley Scott demonstrated in 1979. This is not a game where Xenomorphs are mindless cannon fodder; no matter what you throw at it, it will follow you to the end.

True survival horror is what Alien Isolation offers, and it’s still one of the most frightful Xbox Game Pass titles. Give this a shot if you like the Alien series, especially the first film. No one can hear you scream in outer space, but your neighbors can.

5) Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game that horror fans will like. A group of survivors is pitted against a range of deadly killers from various works of popular culture in the game.

Running from Pinhead, Ghost Face, or Michael Myers. The ultimate game of hide and seek is Dead by Daylight.

It’s stressful to flee the killers, and the rush of making it through a round never gets old. The real fun starts, though, when you’re the one donning the mask and stalking the other players.

One more game For you

  • Back 4 Blood

The Left 4 Dead video game’s spiritual sequel is Back 4 Blood. While it utilizes many of the same gameplay mechanics, it also makes use of contemporary gaming advancements to provide a better solo or multiplayer zombie blasting experience that’s why this also included in the list of creepy games on Xbox Game Pass.

While the majority of the game is spent in a bloody, frenetic struggle against the undead hordes, Back 4 Blood also has some incredibly atmospheric moments. Although it’s a long way from being a survival horror game, aficionados of the genre will still like it.

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