One of Fortnite Season 6’s most intriguing new features is the option to domesticate wild creatures on The Island, such as chickens, wolves, and boars that can be tamed in Fortnite.

Aside from new map locations and weapon crafting, one of the main changes in Season 6 for players is that wolves and boars now roam freely across The Island’s wild zones.

The most ferocious predators, like wolves and boars, will attack you as soon as they see you, posing a whole new threat in the well-known battle royale game.

Some of these creatures, like chickens and frogs, will quietly go about their business.

Some of these wild animals can, however, be tamed, and if you know how, it’s actually rather simple.

The steps for taming animals in Fortnite are listed here, along with a map showing where they may be found.

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1) Fortnite Wolves

The most thrilling addition to Season 6 is by far the wolf pack. They will give gamers a lot of trouble because they are dangerous.

But if you can control them, they’ll be an effective aid in defeating your adversaries and that can be tamed in Fortnite.

How to Tame a Wolf in Fortnite is as follows:

  • Find Wolves by exploring The Island’s wild areas
  • To earn some “meat” that you can pick up, eliminate one of them.
  • Put this meat down close to a wolf, then run away.
  • You can approach a Wolf safely once it becomes preoccupied with the meat.
  • To “tame” the Wolf, press and hold the command button.

When you vanquish the wolves, they will remain by your side and take on everyone who gets in their way. But any meat still on The Island will rapidly draw their attention.

Wolves locations in Fortnite

Currently, wolves appear to be the most difficult wild animal to locate, and they don’t appear to be associated with any particular area on the Season 6 map.

You’ll need to look around a bit to locate them.

They’ll show up in a variety of wild places on The Island, but if you’re looking for a starting point, it might be worth landing near the new POI Boney Burbs because they occasionally spawn there.

2) Boars

In Fortnite, taming boars is a tad trickier than taming wolves or chickens. Boars cannot be distracted by feeding them animal flesh as wolves can, nor can they be picked up as chickens can.

How to Tame a Boar in Fortnite is as follows:

  • Pick up some produce at the farm.
  • In The Island’s natural zones, locate a boar.
  • Don’t let the boar see you while you throw the fruit or vegetables near it.
  • Sneak up on the Boar as it is preoccupied.
  • To “tame” the Boar, press and hold the command button.

Boars are slower than wolves and won’t do as much damage, but you still need to be on your watch since, if you’re not careful, they can slowly deplete your health so that can be tamed in Fortnite.

Boar locations in Fortnite

Boars are much more prevalent on The Island than Wolves, who tend to be harder to find possibly because they cluster together in packs.

In addition to wandering through forests, you can encounter them on farms.

A recent POI dubbed Colossal Crops consistently seems to spawn boars. There is a fenced-off pen where boars often reside, and it is situated east of The Spire in the map’s center.

3) Raptors

The most recent wild addition to Fortnite Season 6 is raptors. After hatching from eggs discovered all around The Island in the v16.10 patch update, it appears that these dangerous prehistoric monsters will remain.

How to Tame a Raptor in Fortnite is as follows:

  • Kill a wild animal so you can have some meat.
  • Look for a raptor wandering The Island.
  • Then, flee and hide after throwing the meat at the Raptor.
  • Approach the Raptor safely and quickly when it is disoriented.
  • To “tame” the Raptor, keep pressing the command button.

Unfortunately, contrary to what many players had initially hoped, you cannot ride a Raptor. But it is worth trying out for yourself because it will stick by your side as a powerful ally that will aid in the defeat of your adversaries.

Raptors locations in Fortnite

Raptors can emerge everywhere, like any natural animals, so at first, you could have problems locating them. When you do, they’ll screech to alert their mates, so you might get more than you anticipated!

Raptors do appear to spawn close to where their eggs have hatched, though. It’s worthwhile to visit the places where they have been spotted thus far, including Stealthy Stronghold, Boney Burbs, and west of Misty Meadows.


Compared to wolves and boars, chickens behave somewhat differently. You don’t tame them in the conventional sense, and you won’t have to worry about them attacking you. You can pick them up and fly instead.

How to Tame a Chicken in Fortnite is as follows:

  • To locate a Chicken, search The Island’s wilderness areas.
  • Snatch it up!
  • The Chicken can be “tamed” by pressing the command button.
  • The Chicken will now be in your possession.
  • If you jump, you’ll fly.

Although it seems unlikely that they will assist you to win, chickens are unquestionably the most entertaining animal on The Island that can be tamed in Fortnite for lots of fun.

Chicken locations in Fortnite

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a chicken because they appear to be the most prevalent wild animal on The Island. If you want to have the best chance of running into them, look near farms and wooded regions.

It’s important to keep an ear out for sounds in this area since, even though you might not see these little creatures, you can hear surrounding chickens clucking. Make sure Sound Effects is turned up and that you are wearing headphones.

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