In Warzone 2, the RPK is a meta LMG that deals severe damage and destroys opposing health bars. We’ve got the greatest RPK loadout in WZ2 for you to try so that you can get the most out of this top-tier LMG.

Due to their slow agility and slow aim-down-sight speed, LMGs typically don’t excel in multiplayer. However, due to the LMG’s strong damage output, substantial magazine sizes, and top-tier damage range, the class performs better in Warzone 2 than in alternative options.

The recognizable RPK will be well-known to CoD veterans. The deadly LMG is a player favorite and the perfect weapon for beginners due to its powerful damage and manageable recoil.

It is ideal for piling up big kill games and makes laser-beaming down enemies on Al Mazrah quite simple.

In Warzone 2, the RPK is already a meta weapon, but only with the proper loadout. So let’s get right to the tools, benefits, and accessories you’ll need.

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1) Warzone 2’s ideal RPK loadout

  1. Stock: Heavy Support Stock
  2. Barrel: TAC 597 Barrel
  3. Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  4. Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5
  5. Optic: VLK 4.0 Optic

Our RPK build forgoes mobility in favor of more potent firepower. At the expense of ADS speed and recoil management, the ZLR Talon 5 Muzzle and Tac 597 Barrel increase damage range and bullet velocity.

You won’t have to worry about losing control of the weapon because the FTAC Ripper 556 underbarrel and Heavy Support Stock make the LMG’s targeting and recoil control more stable.

We advise using the VLK 4.0 Optic because most of the gunfights you engage in with this loadout will be from a medium to long distance.

If you utilize this weapon in the right battles, the increased value of the range, accuracy, and damage vastly outweighs the danger of diminished mobility and handling.

2) RPK Warzone 2 class with the best perks and gear

Players in Warzone 2 must select a perk package from a pre-bundle, unlike MW2. We decided to use the Weapon Specialist Package for the RPK because Overkill is required to use a second primary weapon.

  1. Ultimate Perk: Survivor
  2. Base Perk 1: Overkill
  3. Bonus Perk: Spotter
  4. Lethal: Grenade
  5. Base Perk 2: Strong Arm
  6. Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade

We advise carrying an SMG as a second primary weapon while using Overkill. Although the RPK prevails at middle and long ranges, close-quarter gunfights will highlight its poor agility.

Strong Arm is an underappreciated Perl that enables you to hurl objects farther and increase the likelihood that they will hit their goal.

Perhaps more helpful in Warzone 2, Survivor pings any foes that take you out and make it easier for allies to resurrect you.

3) How to get the RPK unlocked in Warzone 2

You must rank up to level 23 in Warzone 2 in order to unlock the Kastov 762 and obtain this superb LMG. The RPK Reciever should be unlocked once you have advanced to level 16 on the Kastov 762 from there.

Some players have had trouble using Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith, but once you figure out the concept, it’s simple to figure out how to unlock weapons.

Here is a short, detailed instruction:

  • Up to Level 23 in Rank
  • Utilize the Kastov 762 up until level 16.
  • Now, you can use the RPK Reciever.

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