In Minecraft, the netherite pickaxe is undoubtedly everyone’s most cherished possession. A pickaxe is the most crucial item because mining is typically a big part of the game.

The strongest and most resilient substance for making tools, weapons, and armor is netherite. Often, gamers try to make a netherite pickaxe as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find netherite and turn it into ingots. Also, after Mojang publishes the 1.20 update, it will be even harder to make netherite gear.

The smithing table and the netherite upgrade system are two areas where the developers are making big adjustments, which is the main reason for this.

In 2023, there are two ways to make a netherite pickaxe in Minecraft.

In 2023, there will essentially be two ways to create the strongest pickaxe in the game, depending on when you read this.

The 1.20 update has not yet been made available. You can currently make a netherite pickaxe using the first method.

The second approach described here must be used, though, if you read this after the 1.20 update has been released.

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1) Look for Ancient Ruins in the Nether.

You must first travel to the Nether world and search for old rubbish blocks. Netherite must be collected from blocks of old rubble because it does not naturally occur.

The Nether at Y level 15 includes a lot of lava lakes, making these some of the rarest blocks in the game.

When searching for ancient debris, you must exercise caution because lava can suddenly fill the mine and burn you. Explosives work best for methodically exposing broad areas and locating these blocks.

2) From Ancient Debris to netherite ingot

You must melt the old rubbish blocks in a furnace after getting them in order to obtain netherite scraps. To create a netherite ingot, four of these scraps must be combined with four gold ingots on a crafting table.

It should be noted that only one netherite ingot can be produced from four netherite scraps and four gold ingots.

3) Crafting netherite pickaxe

And finally, in order to convert your diamond gear to netherite, you need a smithing table. To create a netherite pickaxe, just combine a diamond pickaxe with a netherite ingot. Keep in mind that a netherite ingot cannot be made using a conventional pickaxe crafting recipe.

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