While the number of high-level, $100k+ tournaments may have decreased in Caldera and Warzone 2, players are still making a tonne of money by competing in Al Mazrah.

Amazing records have been broken, numerous celebrities have participated, and a number of high-stakes tournaments with large prize pools have been held.

Big competitive personalities won the majority of the large prize pools at ground-breaking tournaments like the $400k World Series of Warzone and the $150k The Last Dance in Verdansk.

We’ve already noticed significant changes among Warzone’s top stars as the game is currently in full swing.

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Below are the top 20 Warzone players according to total tournament winnings.

3. Almond, $391,177

Almond, the premier streamer for Minnesota ROKKR, will finally enter the top three in 2022. HusKerrs, who had ranked among the top three earners for the majority of Warzone’s first few years, was overtaken by Almond not long after Caldera was introduced. Soon after, Almond passed Aydan and jumped into second place.

When Caldera began, Almond has largely dominated Warzone tournaments alongside Tommey and Newbz of the TBE team.

The Trio launched the new chapter with a protracted winning streak in both custom lobby and kill-race events, soon establishing themselves as a formidable force on the Pacific-era battlefield.

2. Aydan Conrad, who earned $401,274

Aydan spent the majority of Warzone’s first year in second position, but on March 14 he eventually overcame HusKerrs and reclaimed the top spot.

Although being the first professional to surpass $300K in Warzone profits, he quickly fell to second position as Tommey started to dominate, then to third as Almond just barely beat him out in 2022.

Aydan has been a prominent player in the battle royale community for a long time, from Fortnite to Warzone.

Yet, the endearing beatboxer made his mark on Verdansk by demonstrating that his head is worth admiring for more than just its famed dent, for those who are unfamiliar with Epic Games’ third-person shooter.

Aydan is a complete monster who has effortlessly transitioned from winning numerous tournaments with Rated and others to duos with MuTeX and ZLaner.

His exceptional play has persisted in Warzone 2, keeping him far ahead of all but one other player on the highest-earning list.

Number One: Thomas “Tommey” Trewren $428,485

Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, a former competitive Call of Duty professional, was one of the first veterans to jump into Warzone as soon as it was released.

Tommey quickly found his footing and quickly rose to become one of the most well-known and skilled streamers in the scene.

Since Warzone’s release, Tommey has participated in almost every event, and he entered the top three early in 2021. T

Tommy then easily advanced to the second position in September thanks to consistent efforts. But, the momentum continued after that.

Tommey managed to secure the top slot in January 2022 after a string of successful finishes and event victories, and he hasn’t lost it since.

Highest earnings (January 2023) Warzone players

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