You can interact with a wide variety of critters in Minecraft Bedrock. One of them is a group of villagers who peacefully coexist in their communities and maintain a regular schedule in accordance with the day-night cycle.

Depending on the type of work they do, some of them have various looks. A trade Interface that lets you buy and sell stuff in exchange for more will open when you interact with these skilled villagers.

While diamonds are normally earned through extensive underground mining, dealing with specific villagers in Minecraft Bedrock is another way to obtain diamond gear.

Although it seems simple, this process is equally as tiresome as hours of strip mining. Here’s how to trade with villagers in Minecraft Bedrock to obtain diamond gear.

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How to trade for diamond gear in Minecraft Bedrock

1) Find villagers who are toolsmiths, armourers, or weaponsmiths.

Finding or hiring armourers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths—three different villager kinds who sell diamond gear—is the first step.

These three villagers may be located in a village or employed using a blast furnace, a smithing table, or grindstone blocks, as appropriate. You can look for them or hire them based on your demands.

Placing one of these three blocks in front of unemployed people makes hiring them much easier than searching from village to village for naturally spawning professionals.

2) Commence dealing in coal, emeralds, iron ingots, and flint.

Once you have the expert villagers, you must exchange them for other items to raise their level. Villagers only provide diamond gear at higher levels because diamonds are a valuable and scarce resource.

In order to trade for diamond gears, players must have a sufficient amount of materials such as coal, emeralds, iron ingots, and flint.

Increase the trading level by first trading coal, then trading iron ingots for emeralds. Use emeralds to buy things from villagers at every level.

At the third level, flint will be required for tool and weapon makers, while lava buckets and things like chainmail armour would be required for armourers.

These villagers will sell diamond gear at level four, some of which might already be enchanted. Their costs will differ depending on the enchantment and the value of the equipment. But, by employing the zombie strategy, the prices can be lowered.

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