As Apex Legends players know, mastering the game’s mechanics is essential to surviving and thriving in this fast-paced battle royale. One of the key elements in Apex Legends is the use of jump pads, which allow players to traverse the map and escape danger quickly for this you have to Master the Giant Revelry Balloons in Apex Legends.

In this guide, we’ll show you a simple jump pad trick that allows players to ride the giant Revelry balloons in Apex Legends. Not only is this trick fun and unique, but it can also give you a strategic advantage in battle.

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Step 1: Finding the Jump Pad

The first step in this trick is to find a jump pad that’s close to one of the giant Revelry balloons on the map. One of the best locations to try this trick is at the Party Crasher location on the Olympus map.

Step 2: Placing the Jump Pad

Once you’ve found a suitable jump pad, place it close to the base of the giant Revelry balloon. Make sure that the jump pad is facing the balloon, and that there are no obstacles blocking your path.

Step 3: Timing the Jump

Now it’s time to execute the trick. Stand on the jump pad and wait for it to charge up. As soon as it’s fully charged, jump onto the balloon. If timed correctly, you’ll land safely on the balloon’s surface.

Step 4: Riding the Balloon

Congratulations! You’ve successfully ridden the giant Revelry balloon in Apex Legends. But what’s next?

One option is to use the balloon as a vantage point to survey the surrounding area for enemies. Another option is to use it as a mobile platform to move quickly across the map.

To stay on the balloon, players need to keep moving in one direction to prevent falling off. Use the balloon’s movement to your advantage by controlling your direction and speed of movement.


In conclusion, the simple jump pad trick we’ve shown you can give you a strategic advantage in Apex Legends. Not only is it fun and unique, but it also allows you to Master the Giant Revelry Balloons in Apex Legends and use the giant Revelry balloons to your advantage.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to master this trick and impress your teammates and enemies alike. So why not give it a try and see what you can accomplish in Apex Legends?

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